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Submission + - Samsung Galaxy S5 Released 2 Weeks Early in S.Korea (

knarfling writes: The Samsung Galaxy S5 is on sale now in South Korea, two weeks early — much to Samsung's surprise.
The S5 is set to go on sale around the world on 11 April, hitting shop shelves in 150 countries before the month is out. But the wait is too long for impatient South Korean carrier SK Telecom, which has made the phone available today for around 866,800 won.

Comment as a former lotus notes user... (Score 1) 171

as a former lotus notes user... no thanks, i'll keep gmail.

you can improve all you want, but I'll take occassional outages from google if it means being able to easily figure out the interface when it is up.

IBM might claim 100% uptime but if I have to spend 150% more time figuring out their wacked out interface and shite product, i'd rather take my chances with google.

Comment most annoying leno ever (Score 2, Interesting) 160

if nbc will be run anything like comcasts cable modem division, I assume I will get to watch about 10 minutes of jay lenos new show, then nbc will "go down", at which point I will call into nbc, ask them what the problem is, have them tell me they can see my tv just fine so the problem must be on my end. I'll restart my cable box, but no change. After another 20 minutes on the phone they will tell me more people in my area have reported an issue and that a technician is on the way to the main nbc studio. 45 minutes later nbc will start broadcasting again and the show will be over.

Comment Re:Launch Times? (Score 1) 327

amen to that... I've been in the same world, xml hasn't crossed my mind in years. And don't forget things that aren't quite as new but still make coding fun, like generics, delegates, extension methods, nullable types, linq (in some of its forms)... the list goes on and on.

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