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Comment Re:Well good luck finding me (Score 3, Insightful) 141

I've been using a pseudonym for a long long time...but that includes creating accounts for WoW or whatever other services, and I've given them enough billing information for someone to link my pseudonym and my real name.

So Mr spectro, you've really used a pseudonym and kept that pseudonym separate from anything that could be traced to you? Because otherwise you're just one data breech away from the link.

Comment Re:Better idea (Score 3, Interesting) 434

Perhaps I undervalue my security and privacy, but I keep hoping for an increase in the targeted advertising I experience.

I don't want to refinance my house. I don't want to find relationships online. I don't want to find old classmates. I don't want to earn money by signing up for free trials. Even though I don't want these things, I see these ads a lot.

I like videogames and boardgames. I like anime. I like paintball. I like cooking. I already go out of my way to learn about new products and discounts in these areas.

I would love to surrender information about my interests in order to replace the ads I don't care about with ads that I do care about. I'm fine with the idea that they need to make money somehow, and I'm willing to sell them my attention if they talk to me about products that I agree to myself, 'Yeah, I might have wanted that'. Give me an internet radio style thumbs-up / thumbs-down button for the ads, including a 'Never show me an ad for this product again'.

Comment Re:Better than Mouse+Keyboard for FPS? (Score 1) 33

My understanding is that there's a delay of about 200ms between your brain saying 'click the mouse' and your hand doing so. So there's our baseline.

The brain-scanner has about a 1-second delay before it can 'settle' on a pattern. Useless for people who still have their hands, IMO, though their website claims it's good for tertiary commands like 'show the minimap'.

The facial recognition is supposed to be very fast, and the delay between your brain saying 'twitch your eyebrow' and your face doing so is ~40ms. Good for competitive players, I guess, but I don't think it's worth $300.

I do software development for a living, and in my idle quest to avoid RSI I sometimes wonder about replacing my mouse with something else so that I don't have to move a hand between the keyboard and mouse all the time. I'm curious to know if the gyroscopic sensors on the headset can be rigged into a functional mouse replacement (either for gaming or for dev work), but I've never seen any articles exploring it. I'd value any insight anyone else can give on this topic.

Comment Re:Yay 133ms (Score 3, Insightful) 71

I thought that the half life engine (and presumably it's decendants) did something like this. About 10 years ago they updated the engine, and a bunch of people playing counter strike started complaining that they were being shot based on a laggy opponent's client's view of where they were, not where they actually were.

Someone posted a humor article describing how JFK was actually around a corner at the moment his assassin fired, but I couldn't find the link.

Comment Re:Who is eligible to purchase a debug PS3? (Score 2, Interesting) 296

I had an idea for WiiWare that I was interested in putting together, but was turned off by Nintendo's policy which specifically calls for a 'secured office environment capable of protecting our intellectual property', and additionally says that home offices are unacceptable. So I noted with great interest an interview with 2DBoy when they related that they floated from coffee shop to coffee shop during the development of World of Goo:

Are you guys officially the entirety of 2D Boy?

KG: Yeah, we're just two people for the bulk of this project. We don't have an office, but we're not allowed to say that, so we just work out of coffee shops and stuff.

I'd be interested to know how wide (and how common) the gap is between Nintendo's stated devkit policy and reality, because there's plenty of WiiWare titles that I can't see how they ever came out of a professional studio.

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