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Comment Re:What are we supposed to discuss? (Score 1) 764

Sure it's fair. Remember everytime you cast a vote (i.e. shop at a business) you are diminishing your future ability to vote.

Sure Warren or Bill could ensure the success of their favorite establishment by spending a million dollars a day there but that doesn't take away from the competition's ability to earn business based on their own merit.

Comment Re:Here Comes Idiocracy (Score 1) 266

Reminds me of the time...

There I was, standing in line at McD's sipping from the large hot chocholate I was just handed by Employee of the Month Candidate #1 when, after about 3 minutes of searching through menus on his cash register, he finally calls over EOMC#2. Well you can imagine my surprise after another couple of minutes of searching EOMC#2 looks up from the register and says, "We don't have large hot chocholate."

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