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Comment Re:Regardless of THIS flaw (Score 1) 201

In addition to that if you have the static URL to the photo it persists after the photo has been deleted as well.

Well, that's to be expected when using a static cache - it's the only way DNS can manage, for example (DNS changes take a while to "propagate" through the Internet).

If the deleted content is still there a week or more later, then you've got problems.

Comment Re:Obligatory tin-foil fueled comment (Score 1) 218

Something about seeing the phrases "pre-rooted" and "Google Wallet" in the same sentence scares me.

You want your financial details to be secured by allegedly-trusted hardware? I'd rather a secure cryptographic protocol that requires the client only to have the correct credentials. Sure, having an unwalled garden (the 'pre-rooted' bit) will lead to data theft through malware, but it's no different to being conned out of cash from your physical wallet.

Comment Re:DRM = bad (Score 2) 206

If I followed that philosophy I'd be stuck playing crap little "old-school" styled indie games instead of something immersive and deep like Deus Ex: Human Revolution (which is only available on Steam, which of course uses DRM).

Something tells me you went for the upgraded neurochip in the game :P

Comment Re:Hmm.. (Score 1) 249

So whatever is in a Bond movie is reality?

I thought so, at least that it was based on the personal experience of at least one person who was involved with writing or setting up the scene. I assume they have advisers from intelligence or law enforcement with their own inane but amusing anecdotes, but yeah, everyone's different.

Comment Re:Hmm.. (Score 4, Interesting) 249

Give her some nyquil?

Honestly, after a few weeks you won't even need that. I can be called with a loud ringtone, have a discussion with the helpdesk about the problem, stumble out of the room to go work on it, stumble back into bed a few hours later, and my partner doesn't even realise I was called the next day. Now that she's on call as well the same thing happens to me - if you wake up and you're tired, and your subconscious knows you don't have to get up and work, you can fall back to sleep as soon as your head relaxes back into the pillow.

I remember watching a recent Bond movie (I think it was Quantum of Solace) where Bond calls M in the middle of the night and she logs onto a workstation built into the bedside, if you look you can notice she has a partner in bed that doesn't budge an inch :)

Comment Re:SO thankful right now (Score 1) 434

I (no sarcasm) love Steam, and didn't expect a large-scale intrusion like this, but after the fun and games around the PSN intrusions, I removed my CC details from my Steam account.

It was so easy to buy games with a couple of clicks, and I do miss that, but I must admit a little smugness now over my decision...

I just hope Paypal is on top of their security, because by design they're more heavily linked into people's finance.

Comment Re:WTF (Score 2) 148

The first link actually doesn't have any information at all. Just a nice picture of an iPhone.

I saw the same thing, checked what noscript was blocking and there were scripts from around 20 different domains. So it's either a pure advertisement troll, or an advertisement troll with a snippet of information buried somewhere in horrible web design. I'm not willing to dig around and find out.

Comment Text browser (Score 2) 96

I often read the internet using Lynx through a slow SSH connection, fits the e-ink display model well (it'd use the display better for walls of text), but many sites won't work, javascript won't work, frames won't work (other text browsers like Links apparently do a better job there). Even slashdot doesn't work well with Lynx any more (login doesn't work on my system so you can't use preferences to fix it), which sucks because it reminds you how difficult it is for physically disabled people to get around things we take for granted.

Comment Re:Out of their minds? (Score 1) 240

That may be the case, but it is what it is. You don't have nVidia commissioning games that only work on their hardware, or to use a car analogy, you don't have manufacturers coming up with their own weird basic control UIs, and that's generally a good thing for the end users.

Comment Re:One 'problem' (Score 1) 228

What I can't get my head around is the concept of modifying the system by observing it (or just plain modifying the input to a predictive system).
So if you correctly identify area X as a potential hotspot, and send police there, it's a success if you prevent crime. But then that spot becomes less of a hotspot so you may send the police to other areas. Do you then just lapse into a cycle of entering and leaving an area as crime increases and decreases?

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