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Comment Re:If you don't like it don't buy it (Score 1) 240

simple as that. Only by refusing to buy DRM laden product will we win.

Not if a whole shit-ton of people who don't care go out and buy it anyway. The only way we can win is if Sony starts noticing a drop in sales. Which, predictably, they'll attribute to piracy... and crank up the DRM even more. So, basically we all win if we sit around and make up our own games and play with each other for free.


Submission + - FSFE Supports Microsoft Antitrust Investigation (linuxelectrons.com)

An anonymous reader writes: "Microsoft should be required openly, fully and faithfully to implement free and open industry standards," is the message of a letter by the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) to European Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes. To help achieve this goal, FSFE offered its support for a possible antitrust investigation based on the complaint of Opera Software against Microsoft. The complaint was based on anti-competitive behaviour in the web browser market.

"Although Opera Software does not produce Free Software, we largely share their assessment and concerns regarding the present situation in the Internet browser market", FSFE president Georg Greve writes in the letter.


Submission + - Libraries on Canadian DMCA: Don't restrict rights (www.cbc.ca)

thirty-seven writes: The Canadian Library Association is speaking up in the ongoing debate on copyright reform in Canada. They urge the federal government to keep the rights of consumers in mind when drafting new copyright laws. The CBC article mentions how rigid copyright laws could outlaw the timeshifting of TV shows or backing up a music CD for private use.

The CLA's press release has a list of concerns, including not making Crown copyright more restrictive, specifically naming the American DMCA as something to avoid, and saying:

New copyright legislation must be carefully crafted so that it punishes copyright-infringing behaviour but does not ban devices that might be used to circumvent technological prevention measures.

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