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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: What makes Silicon Valley tick? (techcrunch.com)

sc0p3 writes: "Chile is trying to copy the success of Silicon Valley in fostering innovation by bringing in foreign entrepreneurs and providing grants and networks to kick start their technology companies. What are the key components to a successful tech-community culture where so many communities like this have failed? What recommendations would you have to a programmer aspiring to get funding?"

Comment Re:One more recourse (Score 1) 642

Good post, just a thought re:cancer - the radiation flying on the plane itself is 100x more than the backscatter. You leave the protection of the ozone.. its the wild west up there. Looks like I'll be avoid USA now on my travels.. the options are pretty terrible. Groped or photographed naked. Surely this won't stay for long?

Comment Re:They couldn't want anything more (Score 1) 1131

The same *misinterpretations* are regularly applied * misinterpreting* the old testament, sacrifice and stoning, gay ministers and hard-right-zealot Christian towns in the US. Christianity really should remove its log before picking the dust,

Mainstream in Iraq or Mainstream in Europe? My basic argument still stands, poverty and extremism go hand in hand. All the religions are founded on love.. not hatred. Individual agendas twist religion and poverty to acts of hatred - in all religions

Simply saying - don't believe ALL Muslims are extremists, its blatantly incorrect, just like I don't believe all republicans are nut-jobs ;)

Comment Re:They couldn't want anything more (Score 1) 1131

Yep! Factor in poverty and lack of basic necessities, I bet the proportionality would still stand. Extremism is born from poor education => from poverty.

5% was for illustration purposes only. Obviously the actual percentage would need to be looked up somewhere. My point was its people that are extreme! Not islam!

Comment Re:They couldn't want anything more (Score 2, Insightful) 1131

Always remember when the media portrays this sort of threat it is the extremists. There is nothing wrong with 95% of Islam followers - just like there is nothing wrong with 95% of Christianity, its the 5% of Christians/Muslims that blow up buildings. Just like its the 5% of Atheists, 5% of NRA members, etc.. that blow up buildings! Its got little to do with the religion, and more about the people

Without remembering they are extremists we end up with huge societal prejudices (in times past; slavery, racism) and the death of what makes America great - in effect turning America from an open, freedom-loving-country, into exactly what you despise about the Muslims!

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