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Comment Uh yeah, obviously (Score 1) 646

I want to say most people do, since most laptops are. But I can only say that I have preferred them since they came out. I will only buy a laptop with a glossy screen. I upgrade my own laptop about every 6 months. I work on a laptop 8hrs a day. If I were to spend most of my time on laptops outside or for some reason backup up against a window, I'd probably have a different preference. But that's not the case. Yes, once in a while I find myself in a position where the glossy is not optimal. That's very rare compared to the other times.

Comment I see lots of complaints (Score 1) 432

But the simple fact is things like moving and tracking your bag does cost the airline more money. Personally, I want to be able to buy a ticket that includes nothing else not absolutely necessary and add on only what I need for a reasonable price. Now barring that, if you didn't see a price drop, it's either because the airlines are price fixing, or because the current cost was just that much. The airlines have all been struggling since the cost of security has gone up with the fear of flying. If they were losing money, up until they started doing this and this just evened out, you can't really blame the airlines. I know there's noone bitching about it, that is also giving away whatever they do for a living for free. (Because if you're that rich, you're not bitching about airline prices.) I'd like to see them charging for carry ons, bringing you a glass of water, being late to the airport, being loud or smelly or fat or bringing a kid who's loud or smelly or fat or kicks my seat. Actually, any kid should be a surcharge. Not having your license and ticket out and ready should be a surcharge. Probably using the bathroom, too, by the minute.

Comment Re:Before you do it (Score 1) 1186

It doesn't really matter. Getting a tattoo doesn't mean it has to be so important to him forever, or to be more realistic, for the rest of the time he has that body. It's just a marker that it was that significant of an impact on him at least at one time in his life. If you're pretty wishy washy or ashamed of the things that are meaningful to you and wouldn't want anyone to ever know about them, by all means, don't get a tattoo of that thing.

Comment wow, worse reception? (Score 1) 431

I wonder what the situation is there? Mine is astronomically better. But I live in a big city with a clear shot to the broadcast antenna farm. I figured you either get a great picture or basically nothing watchable. I guess not being watchable is worse reception. I pretty much thought that if you had it before you'd have it after. Of course you have to aim your antenna right. I have a $12 directional that I aimed with a $0.50 compass.

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