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Comment Re:No (Score 3, Interesting) 405

You'll save a lot more battery if you undervoltage your CPU. Eg. My Galaxy Nexus by default runs at 1350mV. I can run it perfectly fine on 1200mV, even overclocked to 1,4GHz. By my (possibly completely wrong) logic, the faster the CPU runs, the shorter time it spends in higher voltage states. Thus, overclocking and keeping the same voltage (or even undervoltage) actually saves energy.

(Of course, underclocking also achieves the same since the voltage is lowered automatically. But then I've got a slower device rather than a faster device, while using more or less the same amount of juice.)

Comment Re:So what is new? (Score 1) 176

Seriously? There's not enough facepalms to cover the stupidity of truthers. I had a hope that slashdot would be one site with few. I was wrong.

I personally know three airline pilots. They all confirm that once the plane is airborne, there's not much skill needed to fly it. A few hours of training i FlightSim really does get you most of the way.
(Yeah, I'm just addressing that one issue. The rest is so beyond moronic that I don't need spending time debunking the crap. A simple google search suffices for most people with an IQ higher than George W. Bush dog)

Submission + - Cryptic codes in Oslo-terrorist manifest (

repvik writes: The 1500 page manifest of terrorist that killed 77 people in Oslo and on Utøya two weeks ago, contains a series of seemingly encrypted URLs. There are 46 of them, and the initial part of the URLs appear to be GPS coordinates. An effort to analyze the codes have been launched.

Comment Re:Sensational! (Score 2) 234

The comments below the Nature blogpost gives some additional info though:

You're right that the sample from the unit 4 fuel pool does suggest something odd, but Matsui himself admits that it could be down to contamination. Moreover, the video posted above shows very little evidence for extensive damage to fuel in the unit 4 pool.

(Blogpost author, Geoff Brumfiel)

So Matsui himself notes that it could be caused by contamination, not by reignition. In fact, the unit 2 results would suggest that that is the case.
(He then points to the MIT TechReview-article for the other perspective).

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