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Comment Just left Windows Phone myself (Score 2) 1027

Just bought an HTC One X, having owned a HTC Trophy 7. Sure the hardware on the One X is significantly better, but hardware wise i was pretty happy with the Trophy 7.

The main gripe with Windows Phone was that i couldn't come close to customising the looks of it (oh yay i can change theme and the slider screen, big woop), Nor could i change the notification tone, except to one of the 10 jingles provided (how long has customisable text notifications been available to other phones, years and years i believe)

Comment Re:Dear USA (Score 1) 242

New Zealand is responsible for what they do in their own backyard with their own police forces. If they want to surrender their sovereignty to a bunch of RIAA/MPAA hacks who have paid off the right people, that's their prerogative. It's obvious that they've realized the mistake and are trying to make things right, but in the end it's NZ that screwed up here.

As a New Zealander, Id rather we didn't tbh...

Comment Free Market? (Score 1) 445

I thought the whole idea of a free market, was it was legal to offer a can of coke for say, $200 USD, or more, if there was no fraud involved. There *may* be in this case, but my understanding is, it was a case of here's Facebook shares, here's what we're selling them for, you choose if you wish to buy them

Comment Glad ive decided to stop buying stuff... (Score 1) 587

Sure, ill rent it now n then... but they can go to hell if they think I will put up with this on something i OWN

And anyone who says 'oh but you down own it, you own a license' can go to hell...

Imagine the uproar if you got told AFTER you just bought a car, no you cant loan it to your friend/family, you cant use it on roads not approved by the manufacturer, and every time you got in, you had to watch a 20 second thing on why its important to use X brand parts (oh, and btw, no you cant change the colour/add in a new stereo/seat cushion) because 'its a license to use the car, not ownership)

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