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Comment Corridors (Score 1) 201

2004 - Half Life 2 came out and I was disappointed. That was one long corridor (albeit of different widths and with different textures) from beginning to end. At least from what i have seen of the first 15 mins, MW3 makes it a Hollywood block buster of a corridor. That is progress.

Comment Re:WHAT!?!?!?! (Score 1) 637

I disagree. ;) I play the really long games episodically. What that means is, I play Mass Effect (for example) until I get tired of it (not bored, normally about a month or so), go and play some other game for a few weeks and then go back to Mass Effect refreshed. ME had great story, great characters, but boy, was it tedious at times. It really was just shoot and scavenge in a number of varied locations. I think GTA IV took about 3 or 4 sessions to finish like this. Simpsons and Lego Star Wars probably about 5 sessions.

Now, the Simpsons game and GTA IV. I atually wanted to go back and get all the collectibles in the Simpsons game whereas the thought of finding and shooting all those pigeons left me cold.

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