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Comment Re:Used to be soda, now coffee (Score 1) 500

I u sed to drink way too much Dr. Pepper as well. I've since stopped drinking soda on a regular basis (6 cans a night) to 4-5 a week. I now eat caffeine pills to get my fix when I have a late night. Dr. Pepper used to get me through late night MMORPG sessions in gradeschool/highschool, but with college I've since given up MMO's.

Comment Re:Funniest story I have read in a while (Score 1) 2

I got one of those emails about 4 years ago... I actually replied and chit-chatted with the guy for a while. Even got a hold of him on gmails chat. There's a lot of these out there, nothing new. I even have the log of my convo on my website (see sig and click Tricky Scammers). I'm still kickin, so I wouldn't think much of it.

Comment Re:Educational Problems (Score 1) 629

Teacher's Unions are not the sole problem. I do agree that the majority of teacher unions are little to no help in today's society. If you compare the salaries of a union teacher vs a non-union teacher (private schools) they can vary widely. Particularly among smaller suburban catholic schools. Its been scientifically shown that expectations create who you are (citation needed). If your teacher constantly says your dumb, I wouldn't expect you to get it right, etc, the student will will become that person. If the teacher says 'your going to do great one day, keep up the good work' that student is going to become great. Now yes thats not 100% true, but expectations from your teacher is a huge influence on a student's performance. This thinking can also be applied racially.... but thats for another time. There will always be victims of circumstance, and teachers that are better than others. I think we need to improve the education for teachers, and perhaps have some sort of personality assessment. FTFA teachers that expect a lot from the students, get a lot from the students. So rather than saying FIRE THE TEACHERS! maybe we can do some retraining. Just some thoughts. Here's a penny.

Submission + - Linux Xorg Critical Security Flaw Silently Patched (

eldavojohn writes: On June 17th, the team was notified by Invisible Things Lab of a critical security flaw (PDF) that affected both x86_32 and x86_64 platforms. The flaw deals with escalated privileges of a user process that has access to the X server. The founder of ITL said of the flaw, 'The attack allows a (unpriviliged) user process that has access to the X server (so, any GUI application) to unconditionally escalate to root (but again, it doesn't take advantage of any bug in the X server!). In other words: any GUI application (think e.g. sandboxed PDF viewer), if compromised (e.g. via malicious PDF document) can bypass all the Linux fancy security mechanisms, and escalate to root, and compromise the whole system.' This has apparently been a security flaw since kernel 2.6 was released. From the article, 'On 13 August, Linus Torvalds committed an initial fix, but several patches were added afterward for various reasons. The problem has been addressed in versions,, and of the kernel.'

Comment Re:Agreed. (Score 1) 383

Private schools often has a similar problem in the U.S. because the school does not want to lose any money (a students tuition). There is no support for teachers to remove trouble makers. Its sad, really. Education standards are plummeting. Just look at my poor grammatical skills and use of smileys :-(. Honestly though, I attended K-8 in a public system and 9-12 in a private system. I don't come from a wealthy family, but I was raised with many books in the home. Its statistically shown that families where books are home tend to create students with better grades. I was highly encouraged to read throughout my life. I definitely believe that reading and math should be supported in the home. Teacher's should be more positive towards there students, and that troublesome students should be given special attention. They should be held to the SAME standards (not easier side classes). But should be given more support. As for comp-sci classes, HAH. I remember in 6th grade, we were graded on how fast we could type. My teacher had a paragraph for us to type and we had to do as much of it as possible within 30 seconds. I was the only student in the class to finish the paragraph, in 22 seconds. I reversed an i and e (like their/thier) and she docked me points :-(

Submission + - I Am Iron Man: Imaginary User Interface (

smitty777 writes: The folks at the Potsdam University have developed a user interface based completely on hand gestures. A small(ish) device worn around the neck is used to track the hand position, allowing the user to draw, type or gesture in the air. You think it looks ridiculous when you can't tell that folks are talking on a cell phone? Imagine a bus full of people gesturing in thin air. Also, don't forget to turn this thing off, or it will look like your cat was walking on your keyboard.

Submission + - Space combat MMORPG porting to Android, Tegra ( 1

Incarnate-VO writes: Guild Software, makers of the multi-platform space MMO Vendetta Online are apparently rolling a native Android port, intended for use on upcoming smartbooks and tablets powered by Nvidia's second-generation Tegra. More information on the port at the Android FAQ page on the Vendetta Online website.

Submission + - Hulu plans to charge, expand to devices: sources ( 2

Kitkoan writes: From the article:

Free video website Hulu plans to soon begin charging customers and is looking to expand its content to consumer devices like the Xbox and iPad, according to two sources, as the site's media owners experiment with platforms beyond an ad-supported TV model.

Those sources and another with knowledge of the matter said that Hulu, the website for TV viewing owned by News Corp, General Electric's NBC Universal and Walt Disney Co, was developing a subscription service to be rolled out on multiple devices in the next month or two. It was not clear if that service would be offered before Hulu is available on devices.

One of those devices is expected to be Microsoft Corp's Xbox, which also features Netflix Inc's movie streaming service, one of the sources said on Tuesday. Another one of the sources said Hulu was also working to offer its service on Apple Inc's iPad.

Comment Re:Capitalist/Socialist (Score 1) 670

I did not complain about devices (the Iphone). Rather, just data plans. Well, all their cellular plans in general. I do not own a single apple device, but that will not stop me from pointing out the obvious fact that there is an oligopoly. Back in 84? the telecom Bell was broken up. Over time many of those have merged basically recreating the monopoly of Bell, under the new name AT&T. The oligopoly controls around 90% of the market.

Comment Capitalist/Socialist (Score 1) 670

Dear SmallFurryCreature, In a capitalist society commodities are to be sold at lower prices due to competition. Although Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile may be 'competitors' they are rather an oligopoly. There is no true competition. In a capitalist society monopolies and oligopolies are usually the things people hate most. So yes, your right, they can charge whatever they want. If they were the only person to offer this service (data) because of a new technology, let them earn their money. But no, cellular data has been around for quite a while, and the oligopoly is just raking in the cash at every opportunity. Text messaging prices have INCREASED despite the fact that text messages cause NO effect on the network. So before you say 'this is the way things work in a socialist/capitalist market' consider the fact that its actually not a capitalist situation because there is no true competition. Regards, Rukie Dear AT&T, I hate you. Regards, Your Customer.

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