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Comment Re:Iterations (Score 3, Insightful) 327

So true, on a 30 inch monitor, gnome3 is unusable and a pain in the ass to use. But its build for tablets, even the gnome developers admitted it. Music player on lock screen? Tablet feature. Good portion of my developers at work are still using 10.04 due to gnome 3 and ubuntu unity fiasco. Those not using linux use osx.

Never liked unified menus, hated it with office, hated it with gnome3 and osx.

Comment Did they learn their lesson yet? (Score 1) 504

Gnome and Microsoft know tablets are the new hotness, so they are forcing us to switch to a tablet optimized interfaces. One major problem, Most of us are not using it on tablets. Now that gnome has had its backlash and microsoft is getting their earful of leaving the default gui everyone likes alone, a task bar (with clock and quick launch), task manager, and app tray. We can get back to implementing new features and not messing with users experience in working.

Its like getting in a car, and the steering wheel and pedals are gone, first thing a person does in an accident will be stomp their foot on the floor pedal break, which will be missing. Muscle memory.

I will say, even Android is pushing its annoyance limits on newer versions, moving settings around where if your a long term android user you expect settings and buttons in one location and its moved. It can be a little annoying when you cant find something. Messing with peoples routine memory is annoying and actually infuriates people.

Comment Elvish... (Score 1) 475

So, an analogy. Books are copywriteable and languages they are written in are not copywriteable. Supporting the whole SSO (structure, sequence and organization) idea. The words layout is the structure thus the finished book are copyrighted, the words themselves are not.

I could take Moby Dick (its public domain now) and transpose it into Elvish (which is copyrighted) and the finished work would still be public domain.

Also, this would be the common idea with lawsuits against laws and municiple codes being put online. These books formatting are copyrighted (the courts said). Thus people manually typing the laws into public websites to get around punication and format in the published books is permitted. (Kinda like copied code).

Interesting all around.

Comment Illicit Content checking. (Score 1) 79

We do the same thing at work, we hand off information of users whose files match md5 sums of known child porn to a non-profit that works with law enforcement. People don't realize anytime you use a cloud service provider, good change those files are scanned not just for viruses but for illicit content.

Does your phone auto-backup its content?

Comment Sure it buddy, sure it is... (Score 4, Insightful) 423

Car manufacturer Richard Browne has come out swinging in favor of the rumored remote disable features in the next years model PlayStation Orbis and Xbox Durango.

'The real cost of used cars is the damage that is being wrought on the creativity and variety of cars available to the consumer,' Browne writes. Browne's comments echo those of influential engineer and Raspberry Pi designer David Braben, who wrote last month that '...pre-owned has really killed commuter cars. It's killing daily driver cars in particular, because they will get pre-owned, and it means your day one sales are it, making them super high risk.' Both Browne and Braben conflate hating used car dealers (a thoroughly reasonable life choice) with the supposed evils of the used car market. Braben goes so far as to claim that used cars are actually responsible for high car prices and that 'prices would have come down long ago if the industry was getting a share of the resells.' Amazingly, no car manufacturers have stepped forward to publicly pledge themselves to lower car prices in exchange for a cut of used car sales. Car companies are hammering dealers (and recruiting insurance companies to do the same) because it's easier than admitting that the current system is fundamentally broken."

Comment 1200x1080 (Score 2) 394

I really hate how mainstream dropped 1920x1200 using mainstream terminology 1080p. Artificially limiting pixel height and pixel DPI has to be my few gripes at displays for both monitors and laptops. 1366x768 is useless and has a horrible DPI, but its been the standard size for years on laptops. Now Apple tablets and phones have higher dpi than most monitors. People want progress but the display glass monopoly has been holding progress back for years.

1080p is a gold standard when 2048 or 4K should be making inroads other than Tablets or 30 inch displays.

Comment Eeek... (Score 4, Interesting) 204

Ive been a long time ubuntu user, and with the ubuntu unity/gnome fiasco I've been looking at going back to SuSE or even switch to Fedora since I work on redhat boxes all day.

But I decided to go with Mint, and with the extensions installed, its back to what Gnome 3 should have been. I do like being able to reload the desktop without closing my apps, and the looking glass debugger is a nice touch. I think now that extensions are out, and distros can start using them again, Ubuntu will make a comback. But now that I'm switched to Mint, its basically Ubuntu with the better desktop, I might not go back.

I just wish the gnome extensions were installed by default, so people didnt have to learn about them 2nd hand after they already get pissed off at a crippled and funny looking desktop.

Comment Stopping the bad press. (Score 4, Interesting) 242

This has nothing to do with safety, this is to mute the press. The press follows the scanner conversations to report on all accidents and incidents. With police hiding records and conversations due to lawsuits, we dont need more "hidden" police communications, we them open to keep them honest.

Its bad enough the PR for police is on TV, almost 1/2 of the line up are some cop based shows, perfect cops fighting evil criminals.

In reality, we have a growing movement in the US to keep police honest due to the mega lawsuits in almost every major city. I'm in Seattle, and the police abuse is way out of hand here. The internal coverups, the blue code of silence, the getting ride of whistle blowers, the incompetent police are costing this state with awards and settlements in the millions. Its also sad that the state budget hides these lawsuits. The most open lawsuit loses, department of transportation, they list every payout in our budget. We need that detail for police.

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