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Comment Re:Extrapolate much? (Score 1) 768

Erm 100% of Blizzard's revenue is generated by PC Gamers, so therefore I extrapolate from my dataset that 0% of gaming must be happening on other platforms.

Picking Activision or Ubisoft are bad examples as they primarily produce console games with PC as an afterthought. Fortunately they are not the only game manufacturers, nor are they representative of the gaming industry in general.

Activision Blizzard is a single company and the market leader. So yeah, it's very representative.

What I wrote are numbers released by the publishers themselves. Before you make a fool of yourself again: Better read what you post. The infographic says very clearly that the 2011 and 2012 numbers are predictions by a 3rd party source. The infographic onlycompares PC vs. consoles but ignores the entire mobile market (I just wrote that 5-7% revenue are PC games, not that the remaining ~95% are consoles). They are not actual data.
The infographic also explicitly includes browser games that are already Linux-compatible. Was there a rush of FarmVille players to Linux? No.
So if we include browser games in a discussion about AAA game publishers, fine: My argument was that Windows users have an irrational emotional attachment towards Windows and the installed base of PC Linux will not change via further availability of games, as the free Linux ports of id Software's and Epic's games -- and by your will also availability of browser games -- already proved.

To repeat myself: Linux is great and it's the main platform I use. I'm not bashing Linux. All I did was countering the claim that Steam on Linux will suddenly lead to a mass migration of Windows users to Linux.
We had AAA games on Linux in the past. It did not change a thing and Steam will not boost PC Linux from 1% installed base to a 30, 50,or 70% installed base. It just won't.

PC has a niche in MMORPGs and strategy games but the overall majority of revenue is generated on other platforms: Consoles and mobiles (iOS, Android, NDS,...).
Valve's ambitions on Linux have nothing to do with PCs. Valve wants Steam with its big picture mode to run on "livingroom hardware" (=smart TVs) with Linux as option to run on them. See (after 3min) for an interview with Valve's boss who confirms that. The Valve games announced for Linux (TF2, L4D2, and Portal) are not high-end games like Battlefield2. Smart TVs capable of Full HD playback are powerful enough to run them.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 768

I did, and I already knew the answer. That was me questioning the reliability of data coming from Ubisoft, and you citing them.

Really, READ THE INTERVIEW! Quote: "Research showed that it can reach that rate for some specific or popular PC games, and that number often varies depending on the territory. So we are not saying that it applies to all PC games for all territories, and we’re not saying that the same situation would apply for any game."

To keep it simple: 90% piracy = isolated incident, 5%-7% PC gaming revenue = global data (and this also applies to Activision.

And even if your stupid calculation was right: All those non-PC gamers didn't switch to Linux.
Your attempts to distract from the original claim (which was Valve on Linux = mass migration of PC gamers to Linux) just do not work. PC gaming on Windows is not what's keeping PC Linux at 1%. Both id Software and Epic Games in the past provided Linux binaries for their games. That didn't have a measurable impact on PC Linux' installed base and Valve won't do anything either.
Valve isn't targeting PC Linux anyway. They target "livingroom hardware" (probably smart TVs) with Linux as option to run on them. See (after 3 minutes).
Valve's lower end games (TF2, Portal1, L4D) could easily run on platforms powerful enough for full HD video decoding and playback.

Comment Re:The geek on crack. (Score 1) 768

Linux tends to project a geek's ideal of technological perfection, ideological purity and political correctness, no matter how poor a fit they may be to the needs and values of other users.

The average mainstream PC Linux distribution is easier to use than Windows, especially Win8 which I had the chance to use and see for myself.

I'm the word's laziest person. I use Linux because it's easier. If Windows was the easier route, I'd never left.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 768

Ubisoft. That's the same company that claims a 95% piracy rate, correct?

Click on the link before asking stupid questions already answered.

So, if 95% of their installations are pirated, and they seem to imply that the piracy rate is measured for PCs only and not consoles, and they still get 7% of their revenue from PCs, wouldn't that mean that the 5% sales rate on PCs makes up 7% of their total revenue, and therefore that the total PC market for games is larger than the console market?

Actually no, because market means that the games must be bought.
That said, before making stupid calculations, just read the interview.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 768

How on earth is it completely irrational for people to stick to what they know when it does what they need?


Do you know how out of touch with reality it makes you look?

The one without any grasp of reality is you. That's because you didn't even care to read my comment properly. Read the part you quote and answer properly before making a fool of yourself.
Let me explain it to you again: It's irrational, because they don't know Windows. They just think they know it. They won't even consider looking at alternatives.
Their PCs are full of crapware and their Windows does not do "what they need".
What they need is a PC that works flawlessly, without slowdowns because 10 toolbars, 10 autoupdaters, 2 antivirus tools, and whatever hog their system.

If they actually knew Windows, their PCs wouldn't be in that sorry state.
Having no clue about Windows and still fiercely claiming otherwise is irrational. Period.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 768

Just because 90% of the gaming market is (for their output... hint hint) does not mean the remaining 10% is not a significant market.

But it means that PC users could have switched to Linux years ago. Linux is perfectly capable of performing all common PC tasks, from browsing (Firefox, Chrome, and Opera are available) to media consumption to office (OpenOffice) to even web-based gaming. (I'm a lazy user. I am using Linux and would not do if it was not doing just fine what I want.)
For 90%-95% of gamers the PC is not their first choice and yet they'll stay on Windows. Sure, there is the occasional task that can only be done under Windows but these are niches.

The claim that Linux on desktops is only being held back because it lacks games is absolutely ridiculous.
I believe Linux is being held back because of an irrational brand loyalty of the masses toward Windows. Maybe it's some kind of herd behavior.

Comment Re:Fear... (Score 1) 768

This may work if the real plan of Valve is to release a Linux based console having Steam. From there supporting Linux is a no brainer.

No it's not. It's for powerful "livingroom hardware" (probably smart TVs) with Linux as option to run on them. See (after 3 minutes). LG is already said to announce a shift from their NetCast smart TV platform to webOS (Linux) next CES:

Valve's lower end games (TF2, Portal1, L4D) could easily run on platforms powerful enough for full HD video decoding and playback.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 4, Interesting) 768

The only thing tying a lot of people (myself included) to Windows is gaming.

A lot? According to this interview with Ubisoft representatives, only 7% of Ubi's 2011 revenue was generated on PC and 5% of Activision's revenue:

That means that >90% of gaming happens on other platforms anyway (consoles, smartphones) and for those users gaming is not what's keeping them on Windows.
From my experience with Windows users, many have a completely irrational attachment to Windows. They use it because they "know" it and they don't want Linux because they "don't know" it, even though their Windows installations are full of crapware and they could be fooled by any random Linux distribution with a Windows-themed splash screen.

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