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Comment Re:I recall MxStream (Score 1) 445

Rubbish. Most are resellers of BT products going over the core BT network before it eventually gets into your ISP. I'm on a premium package (FTTC wholesale), and my latency is still worse than I had in halls back in 1997 when I started at university (and about the same speed). Many of my friends are able to get faster (and uncapped) 3G connections than they can get land line connections.

Comment Re:I recall MxStream (Score 1) 445

And many ISPs do transparent proxying of HTTP anyway (which IS the internet for most people).

Besides, mobile networks do this almost exclusively (at least here in the UK) and everything appears to work, so it would appear the workarounds are in place.

That doesn't mean IPv6 shouldn't be the norm by now - we just need a big service to start offering premium content over IPv6 (eg google/youtube) and the demand will force ISPs to start upgrading to avoid losing customers.

Comment Re:How will this affect the industry? (Score 1) 385

Nobody bought Elements anyway - it comes free with scanners and decent cameras.
Paint.NET - everyone installs this that doesn't get a licence to PS through work,
GIMP - nobody in their right mind installs this on Windows anyway.

And regarding PDFs, everyone uses a PDF printer driver for PDFs (those that need PDF forms have corporate licences for Acrobat anyway). OSX ships with one, Linux has it via the same route (Ghostscript / CUPS), and Windows users install CutePDF or similar.

Comment Re:Dying gasps (Score 1) 535

You seriously find the .NET documentation on a par with the Java documentation? I find the .NET documentation really poor .

However, none of it is as bad as Esri's, which seems to always follow the form "You can solve this problem like this. But you'll get this problem, so you should solve it like this. However, that causes this problem, so you should consider this instead. However, this approach will lead to your machine imploding and therefore you should always do it this way." Why not just tell me the right way to do it, rather than following the Oracle SCP (SCJP) approach of showing you examples of horrendous code at every opportunity?

Comment Re:How can ... (Score 1) 384

They aren't free in most businesses though. It's better to make staff suffer on 100 (or even 10) mbit networks and Pentium 4 machines with 2GB RAM than to spend any money on hardware that may not make them any more productive. At least thats the mentality of the IT departments I've seen!

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