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Comment I hope they fail (Score 1) 144

I'm in NH and hoping that FairPoint fails and Verizon comes back to the area. Then perhaps we can get FiOS up here and I can also tell Comcast to go screw off.

In the spring I wanted to get my landline which was an MCI account moved over to FairPoint as my bill had gotten out of control due to all of the line-leasing fees, etc. It took them 3 months. THREE MONTHS to do what amounted to an accounting change. Even then I had periods where they screwed it up so bad that my phone was shut off for 3 days, had no long distance, and had no caller-ID etc. It's like watching a power plant run by a bunch of monkeys.

The PUC people that got bribed into OKing this deal should be sent away.

Comment Re:Umm... what other Satellite Radio is there? (Score 5, Informative) 232

They have to compete with every free radio station in the country, internet radio and other forms of music/entertainment content.

Comparing this with TV is the short-bus way of looking at it. TV you can only get from Cable (usually only one player in town), Satellite, or OTA (which isn't eveywhere either). I don't know of many places that you can't get at least 10 radio statios + internet.

It's a "new" format and it has to compete with other audio broadcast formats out there. Look at the bigger picture.

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