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Journal Journal: Our new netbook 1

My folks got us an MSi Wind netbook. My wife loves it. It's tiny (and so is she) so she's excited about it on that level (as well as on many others). We haven't done much with it yet except check email and play Soltaire.

The only problem, visible for now while answering emails, is that the cursor sometimes relocates at random. It's like what sometimes happens in ytalk (at least to me). I haven't found a solution yet.

Comment You are a Vet (Score 1) 5

With all due respect, you are a veteran, even if you were only in for a few years. You would be a veteran even if you had been badly hurt the day you graduated Basic and had to be medically discharged. In a professional, all-volunteer military like ours, anyone who makes it through Basic, or one of the Academies, and takes the oath (and does not later repudiate that oath) is a vet, even if his or her service lasts no more than a day.

Your humility is admirable and not all that surprising, but it's slightly misplaced. You sell yourself short. This is your day just as much as it is the day of every American man or woman who has been killed, wounded, or captured on the field of battle.

Comment Probably getting a netbook for Christmas (Score 1) 8

My wife and I have asked for a netbook from my parents to Christmas. She wanted green, but in case it doesn't come to us green, I've been thinking about skinning it green for her. I don't know what my folks will be getting us just yet. When we get it and get a sense of it, I'll post my thoughts on my journal, just for the sake of comparing notes.

Comment Re:this is going to be a mess (Score 1) 3

It might be combat fatigue despite the fact that he himself was never deployed. Based on as yet unidentified sources the Major (is|was) a psychiatrist who was apparently treating other soldiers for PTSD/TBI/whatever the hell they're calling combat fatigue this week. I can understand how he might have begun to suffer from it as a result of treating patients suffering from it.

This is mystifying to me a dozen different levels. He was a doctor, and an officer, and a soldier. He broke everything he was when he opened fire on his fellow soldiers.

I agree, it is going to be a mess.

The Military

Journal Journal: Ft Hood Shootings 11/5/09 3

For those of you who pray and monitor my journal (hopefully that will be a set of at least 1), please keep the soldiers at Ft Hood in your prayers. There was a shooting today at the Soldier Readiness Center. 12 are dead and 31 are wounded, including the shooter, who was also a soldier.

Comment Good Idea (Score 1) 11

I don't journal here nearly to much as you do, but I could definitely use the same sort of thing against my LiveJournal, which has been accreting for years now.

Comment Watching Live Online (Score 1) 4

I only started watching a few minutes ago, so I missed the bit with the ship, but I have noticed the chatter and how they seem to be bumping the launch and resetting the clock without much sense of panic. I guess the launch of an unmanned vehicle doesn't exert the same pressure. I hope this launch goes well, though.

Comment Hindus and Food (Score 1) 3

I have a lot of Indian coworkers and have had more in the last two years that I don't work with any longer. The food issue is an interesting one. I've known a few who were Jain rather than Hindu, with the result that they were fairly strictly vegan. I've known others who will eat chicken or other meats but not beef, and still others who probably fall somewhere in between the two. Fortunately, I've found that most of them were very understanding, particularly if non-Hindus also show that they thought about dietary restrictions. It's sort of like having Kosher friends, except that the documentation is harder to find.


Journal Journal: Writing update

I have not updated this journal in an exceptionally long time. I blame that on working, writing, LiveJournal, FaceBook, and LOLDogs make me smile. LOLCats aren't quite as fun, mostly because cats are only cute as teeny tiny kittens.


Journal Journal: Novelpost: I have my ending

Yesterday, while driving back to SnoopyBelleTown from MomAndDadTown, I figured out how I was going to end the novel I am currently writing. Huzzah! I still haven't figured out how the climactic scene, the one resolving the main plot, will go, but I know how the last scene will go, and thus how I'm going to resolve the main sub-plot. Now all I have to do is make sure no one who's really important to the last scene dies.

Comment Parenting Win (Score 1) 5

I concur with the commenter who said your children are gifted because you take the time to work with them. I wonder if the education system will be worth the trouble by the time my children (if any) are old enough to go to school.

Comment Re:Ban the Bible = Incest, Rape, Murder, Genocide (Score 3, Insightful) 408

I have a better idea. Ban penises. Then kill anyone who has one.

Some people hurt other people. Therefore all people are bad and should be outlawed. If all the men are dead, humanity will die out within a century. There will be no more war, no more violence, no more hypocrisy.

The plan is foolproof.

Comment Re:so? (Score 1) 608

I am not surprised. MSNBC has become the Glorious Leader Barack Obama 24-hour Love-In.

Chris Matthews has been appointed its Voice of Love and Truth while Keith Olbermann has been selected to lead the hourly 15-Minute Hate. The Glorious Leader has approved these selections.

Comrade Olbermann will be highlighting the wickedness and hypocrisy of all the enemies of the People, including the greedy Capitalists who want to keep the money they earn, the violent and disloyal counter-revolutionaries who want to keep the weapons they've acquired, and the self-deceived intelligentsia and treasonous propagandists who refuse to believe and even actively contradict the People's Truth as expressed by Comrade Matthews and Glorious Leader Barack Obama and his Central Committee, which the dis-loyalists once called the 'Cabinet'.

Ignorance is Strength.


Submission + - Google shut-down FacebookSecrets

reube writes: Google has shut down FacebookSecrets, the blog that posted the accidentally released source code for the Facebook main index page. A new FacebookSecrets blog emerged but for totally different purpose.

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