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Comment Junk in the Wall (Score 1) 119

We got one for testing a few weeks ago. Never got past a boot screen. Re-install OS per manufacturer resulted in a brick. Waiting for a week for support to respond.... (Disclosure: Other folks working with it. I have no exposure to it other than laughing at their increasing frustration / cussing). Now, this can happen with any product, so I'm not dead to it. But DOA unit on the 1st try certainly dampens perception.

Comment It's just Greed, Baby (Score 1) 284

This is amazing. I used to own an aircraft salvage biz, parting out corporate jets (Learjets, Falcons, etc.). The smallest bit of FOD can DESTROY a motor, very quickly. These operators know that, and would risk lives for $$. Disgusting...

Ubisoft CEO Expects Set-Top Gaming, New Apple Hardware 45

GamesIndustry reports on comments by Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot about what to expect from the coming generation of gaming hardware. In addition to greater integration between game hardware and set-top boxes, he said he doesn't expect Apple to stop with the iPhone as a platform for games. "We will see more customers coming to the videogame industry, and they will not only come to the basic consoles like we have today, but they will start also to come on all the boxes that you see under the TVs. TV boxes will be more powerful, and with accessibility, will help to take more people. So we will see more consoles on which we will be able to put product." Guillemot continued, "... because you saw new interfaces with the Wii, with the Wiimote, and also with the DS, with the stylus, what we see for the future is that there will be also big announcements in interfaces. And it will not only happen on consoles, but it will also happen on those TV boxes as well."

Cola Consumption Can Lead To Muscle Problems 420

wjousts writes "As I'm sure many Slashdot readers live almost exclusively on cola drinks, a new warning from doctors: 'Doctors have issued a warning about excessive cola consumption after noticing an increase in the number of patients suffering from muscle problems, according to the June issue of IJCP, the International Journal of Clinical Practice. ... 'Evidence is increasing to suggest that excessive cola consumption can also lead to hypokalaemia, in which the blood potassium levels fall, causing an adverse effect on vital muscle functions.' And sorry, diet colas aren't any better."

Comment $100K Is not that high... (Score 1) 303

I buy & salvage commercial and corporate aircraft. Many systems used on smaller bizjets cost much more in USED condition than $100K. IMHO that's getting it done pretty cost effectively. All commercial / business aircraft parts are astronomically expensive, even for "off the shelf parts" used in other industries (e.x. Amphenol connectors, Textron valves, Eaton parts).

Comment Re:To be expected (Score 0) 603

Don't pick on me, Waaaaah!

Last time I checked, /. is as US based, English speaking (or written) website. If you want to post in Russian, go ahead. I'll check the grammar on that as well, and mod up for proper usage. Not because I speak Russian and am qualified to check it, but because I post on Slashdot and reserve the right to be an asshole.

The Military

Air Force Cyber Command General Answers Slashdot Questions 543

Here are the answers to your questions for Major General William T. Lord, who runs the just-getting-off-the ground Air Force Cyber Command. Before you ask: yes, his answers were checked by both PR and security people. Also, please note that this interview is a "first," in that Generals don't typically take questions from random people on forums like Slashdot, and that it is being watched all the way up the chain of command into the Pentagon. Many big-wigs will read what you post here -- and a lot of them are interested in what you say and may even use your suggestions to help set future recruiting and operational policies. A special "thank you" goes to Maj. Gen. Lord for participating in this experiment, along with kudos to the (necessarily anonymous) people who helped us arrange this interview.

FTP Hacking on the Rise 212

yahoi writes "The disco-era File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is making a comeback, but not in a good way — spammers are now using the old-school file transfer technology to serve up bot malware, and even as a backdoor into some enterprises that neglect to lock down their oft-forgotten FTP servers. Researchers at F-Secure have spotted a new wave of exploits that use FTP — rather than a malicious URL, or an email attachment — to deliver their malware payloads because few gateways scan for FTP attachments these days."

Democrats Propose Commission To Investigate Spying 302

metalman writes "Wired has a story on a proposal by House Democrats to 'establish a national commission — similar to the 9/11 Commission... to find out — and publish — what exactly the nation's spies were up to during their five-year warrantless, domestic surveillance program.' The draft bill would also preserve the requirement of court orders and remove 'retroactive immunity for telecom companies.' (We've discussed various government wiretaps, phone companies, and privacy violations before.) But it seems unlikely that such an alternative on phone immunity would pass both the House and Senate, let alone survive a Presidential veto."

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