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Comment Re:My first hand experience on Modern Warfare 2 (Score 1) 560

Everyone is all about COD, but has anyone heard about MAG? It's set up just like the real military and instead of a very small 8vs8 online gaming using P2P, this is 128 vs 128 online using their servers. Im not sure if its the first ever, but it's the first ever console MMO I have played. You can spec many differnt ways to build your character. There are three fractions to choose from: A US Army rip off, a terrorist cell, and a futuristic guns for hire fraction. You scan spec to be a sniper, a machine gunner, medic, commmunications, or a balance of them all. You pick the points for specing, very similiar to specing your toon on WoW. If you goto gamestop and pre-order you will recive a beta tester code you redeme in the playstation store. This is a Playstation 3 exculsive, and not exclusive like it will be availble to XBOX eventually, but exclusive like HALO is to XBOX/Windows.

Comment Re:Handy for some, less so for others (Score 1) 145

But if you're not a fan of old movies and TV shows, it's probably of very little interest to you.

I, as most Netflix subcribers are a fan of entertainment. When a movie was created does not dictate weather the movie is entertaining or not. Take Citizen Kane that was shot in 1941 and is still hailed as the greatest movie ever by the American Film Institute, and probably by most people who have watched it. Netflix does making finding new releases hard to find by not posting them on the main page, but at the age of 26 I don't think of them as "old movies," but simply great movies I missed. Let's not forget the lack of commercials, that really helps make up for many of the 3 star movies/shows that are streaming.


Aion Open Beta Starts September 6th 147

NCSoft announced today that the open beta for upcoming fantasy MMO Aion will begin on September 6th, extending through to the 13th. The client is available now. The game launches on September 22nd in the US, with a two-day head-start given to players who pre-order. NCSoft has also said they'll be showing off Aion in more detail at the Penny Arcade Expo, expanding on the information they provided at Gamescom (video).

Comment Re:Low-end HDMI Cables (Score 1) 169

I am a netflix subscriber, and have recently begun watching Netflix on Mozilla! This makes me wonder, with the "Instal other OS" option of the PS3 would I be able to watch Netflix on a GUN/linux Mozilla browser? This certantly would not be a selling point for the average person, but a fun project for current owners. This would put the PS3 further up as the hardcore gaming council king over the 360, to include games.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 926

GNU is NOT an embedded system, that's Linux. GNU is only a desktop system when Gnome is involved and that's over X. If you mean the OS typically called Linux, you're mistaken and the proper name is the name used by each distro, GNU is a set of utilities and no, not an OS (until the HURD works - I, too, can set up a website and rewrite grep and then pretend it was a full OS while failing to produce anything that actually makes the computer work)

Comment Why I'll never buy another Tivo (Score 1) 335

I'm on my third tivo, but unfortunatley it's going to be my last.

My first Tivo I loved, and I wore it out.

My second Tivo was fine, but I started wanting to be able to record two shows at once and a few other features, so I gave it to a friend and switched to MythTV. MythTV was great, but the box required occasional maintenance (software updates, reconfiguring the data source, etc) and it didn't recover well from the occasional power outage, so I tried EyeTV on my mac. That was awful (worked fine but made my mac slow as molasses in vermont in january) so I decided to buy another Tivo.

The new dual tuner Tivo was fine, but two months after I got it, my cable company informed me that they were switching to all-digital service and that I would have to get - and pay for - a cable box. As they were already charging me the limit of what I was willing to pay, I decided to cancel my service and use purchased TV downloads instead for a while and see how I liked that. Ok, no big deal, I could put the Tivo on ebay. So I called to cancel my Tivo service... and they said no. It seems that somewhere in the fine print when I signed up for service, they said I had to agree to a year of service on the unit, and so they wouldn't cancel it. I would have to find a buyer willing to transfer the service to them and fulfill the remaining contract period. Given that there are plenty of tivos on ebay without such restrictions, I knew that would never fly. So I'm stuck with it until the contract runs out.

If that's how Tivo wants to treat their customers, I have no desire to be one of those customers. If I ever get cable or satellite again, I'll go to the effort of maintaining the mythtv box again.


PC Makers Try To Pinch Seconds From Their Boot Times 399

Some computers are never turned off, or at least rarely see any state less active than "standby," but others (for power savings or other reasons) need rebooting — daily, or even more often. The New York Times is running a short article which says that it's not just a few makers like Asus who are trying to take away some of the pain of waiting for computers, especially laptops, to boot up. While it's always been a minor annoyance to wait while a computer slowly grinds itself to readiness, "the agitation seems more intense than in the pre-Internet days," and manufacturers are actively trying to cut that wait down to a more bearable length. How bearable? A "very good system is one that boots in under 15 seconds," according to a Microsoft blog cited, and an HP source names an 18-month goal of 20-30 seconds.

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