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Comment Re:Sensors (Score 1) 175

On a site like /. it's assumed that you are so used to reading sloppy wording that editors can write "has" instead of "has support for"?

The activity sensors probably senses whether the device user is active or not. Now does it mean physical activity, or actually using the device, I don't know.

Comment Re:Nuclear power plants are offtopic, but here goe (Score 2, Interesting) 262

That's because of the way you do it. Every single of your nuclear plants is most probably completely different from all the others, maintenance is also probably done by many different companies... every new plant is built like it was the first one you ever built, and every plant is maintained like it was the only one you had, so you never make economies of scale (but each politician who builds a plant gets to please a friend's company, yay).

NB: I'm just guessing for Ontario, based on how things are often done in North America and observations from an uncle whose job is to check the safety of nuclear plants.

Comment Re:So how does that work for imports and exports? (Score 1) 784

But if you bought things in Montreal and went back to the US, you must have seen at the border the papers you have to fill and send to Québec and Canada to have your GST and TVQ refunded. So you simply paid the same as if you had bought these things in your country.

International law is quite clear and simple on this matter, unless there are special agreements (like in the EU) taxes should be collected by the country you live in, not the country you bought goods from, and if you buy things abroad, you should be refunded taxes by the foreign country, and pay taxes at home.

Comment Re:I'm on 100Mb/S right now. (Score 1) 259

Well, maybe it's America's connectivity to the rest of the world that sucks then... when I had this 24M/1M connection in my small French city (well, actually it's a somewhat big city for me, but when I say there are 70 000 inhabitants, people usually tell me it's a town...) I could easily reach it, especially for bittorrent downloads.

Submission + - EU abandons plans to convert UK to metric

SeeSchloss writes: After years of trying to get Britain to switch to the metric system the EU has finally decided to give up the fight. Conversion was initially a precondition for UK's membership of the European Union, in 1973, and the deadline had been regularly extended since then. Should we add back the UK to the list of the three countries in the world which do not use the metric system (Myanmar, Liberia and the United States)? It looks like the more a country waits before switching to the metric system, the more difficult it is, most countries did it while their litteracy rate was low and avoided most of the problems the UK or the US would be facing now. Do you think it is realistic to expect the UK or the US to switch to the metric system now? Do you think such a conversion is even useful outside of technical fields (I hope we all agree that it is needed in space research, for example)?

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