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Comment Re:Wow (Score 2) 459

All right, tell you what, I'll meet you in the middle. Neither should be a scheduled substance (except with respect to regulation to prevent minors from getting at it, etc.).

My point was informed primarily by the overall harm of each drug. While I'm sure you may enjoy a glass of something now and then and are at little risk for falling into alcoholism and letting it control your life, not everyone can. Nobody's ever beaten their wife to death while stoned.

I'm not an alcohol drinker myself, aside from the very occasional treat. My grandfather was a not-well-controlled alcoholic, however, and that affected my father greatly, and that's informed, to a degree, my own attitudes on it. I've also personally seen a lot of stupid and harmful shit done under the influence of alcohol. But I'm not about to take it away from responsible users.

But let me grow a plant in my own private property if I want to.

Comment A compromise (Score 1) 90

Tell you what, Adobe. I'll pay for security patches to your near-ubiquitous software products if you accept criminal liability for any damages incurred if I get keylogged and my bank accounts emptied/credit cards stolen/identity stolen/network compromised as a result of an Adobe software flaw that led to me being exploited.


Comment Re:I'd watch Blu-Rays if I could get them... (Score 1) 429

As a Canadian who had his default bandwidth setting turned down to the lowest of the three options Netflix offers when Netflix did this, I can assert that you are correct, and you can still change the setting now. They sent everyone an email notifying of the change and instructions on where to change it.

Now if only we could get some sort of queue function (without the DVD by mail service, there are no queue options, so if you want to watch a movie later, you have to remember it).

Comment Re:There's a big leap of faith there (Score 1) 429

Netflix and Hulu are US only

I'm in Canada

Either your credibility in this post just went out the window with a loud woosh, or I've been paying for am imposter video streaming subscription claiming to be Netflix for over a year now. Pretty convincing branding and credit card processing for a fake.

Comment Re:Not hackers? Shocking! (Score 0) 184

You don't get anything done on a public imageboard, unless that thing you're trying to do is posting porn/shock and gore/kittens/stupid image macros. Any serious organization is done in IRC or elsewhere. I took part in the RL protests against Scientology, but I'm not particularly interested in joining along in DDOSing large organizations with lots of lawyers.

Comment Re:Another reason (Score 1, Offtopic) 346

Direct contact with intelligent extraterrestrial live does seem to have a significant impact on society. In the world of Star Trek, sometime between the 20th century and the 'now' of the 24th century, and likely after first contact, society finally decided that there were better things to do than pushing spreadsheet columns around to make a profit for investors and making cheap, useless, overpriced gadgets imported from third-world sweatshops.

Comment Re:Another reason (Score 1, Interesting) 346

The Earth of Star Trek is also a post-economy society. Money no longer exists, and the entire society is built around socialism if not communism. This seems to evade a lot of people. Eliminate poverty and economic disparity and you free up an unimaginable amount of mental cycles that the global population was previously devoted to keeping up with the Joneses/acquiring wealth. Now, humanity lives (by and large, according to the show) to explore the universe and improve the world. The technology is just set dressing.

Comment Re:Doesn't believe in patents (Score 3, Insightful) 249

He's sticking to the technical, narrowly-focused truth, but using words that to someone not looking for pedantic technicalities would interpret broadly (and falsely).

VA: Here is my source code for the program I've written, "EMAIL." I'm registering copyright on it.
News: VA, inventor of "EMAIL," blah blah today blah blah.
John Q. Public: Huh, this guy invented email. I thought [AOL|Hotmail|their ISP|Google|Microsoft Outlook] invented email."

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