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Submission + - Samsung 'keylogger' is a GFI VIPRE antivirus false (

An anonymous reader writes: It's been confirmed by ZDNet that the ‘keylogger’ that Samsung was accused of shipping with certain notebooks yesterday by NetworkWorld is, in fact, a false-positive result by GFI VIPRE antivirus software. Simply create an empty folder called SL in the Windows folder and that is detected as the keylogger.

Submission + - Pioneer Anomaly Solved By 1970s Computer Graphics (

Frans Faase writes: "A new computer model of the way heat is emitted by various parts of the Pioneer spacecraft, and reflected off others, finally solves one of the biggest mysteries in astrophysics. Previous calculations have only estimated the effect of reflections. A computer modeling technique called Phong shading was used to work out exactly how the the emitted heat is reflected and in which direction it ends up travelling. Taking into account the reflections on the antenna seem to make the anomaly disappear."

Submission + - Do Not Track Momentum Mounts (

kierny writes: "A leaked, draft version of legislation co-sponsored by Senators John Kerry and John McCain, plus an analysis of business comments to the FTC, point to stronger privacy protections for consumers, despite the already palpable outcry from advertisers."

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