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Comment Fantastic stuff! Wish i'd dumped cable earlier! (Score 1) 151

SciFi is circling the corporate toilet bowl by cost cutting. Normally I'd be bummed, but this thread shows an overwhelming amount of good content which is freely available. I think I'm done paying the corporate no-talent-ass-clowns money for a bad signal with worse programming.

To the no-talent-corporate-ass-clowns reading this, you might want to put this year's cost-cutting bonus in the bank, because I'm pretty sure it'll be your last.


Comment Completely insecure (Score 1) 100

All you need is an 8-digit number to "claim" your support agreement! that's it! Just start making up random numbers if you need support for anything, or more importantly lists of customers, their locations, what they have. It's a marketing goldmine! What an epic failure. Does Oracle do business with the government? Thanks but no thanks. --edfardos

Comment End free trade with non-free countries (Score 1) 763

Why do we play this economic game and abide by all the free trade rules when our opponents openly cheat and manipulate the market to their own advantage? Simply end free trade with non-free countries. India is obviously in a grey area with widespread corruption, but their people and market forces are somewhat in charge. Communist China? forget it, why even play the game if you know they're going to cheat (manipulate currency, embargo, subsidies, etc)? Yes, the cost of a toaster will go from $10 to $15, but if you don't have a job, you can't even afford the $10 blender.


Comment Attach GPS transmitters to police cars (Score 0, Redundant) 926

Since it's legal, what's the cheapest gps transmitter you can make that would attach to a police car. Knowing the location of your law enforcement officers at all times could be a huge public benefit - and now it's totally legal.
Law enforcement tracking - there's an app for that!

Comment It's about money, not cancer. (Score 1) 256

I live in CA, with some of my property on exposed serpentine. I therefore, have to pay extra taxes to California any time I want to dig. The more serpentine, the more money the government receives. These laws are so easy they practically write themselves. Also, it is proposed that the earth's mantle is comprised almost entirely of serpentine (iron/magnesium/silicon), so I suspect these taxes will soon arrive at a county near you. --edfardos

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