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Comment switched to radeon, not thrilled. (Score 0) 281

I used to use nvidia cards, but always assumed video card brand made no difference, since I'd never heard anything to that affect. I recently got my first Radeon card, a minor upgrade that was twice as fast as my old card but used the same wattage (cool, right?). About once an hour, the new card freezes for a full 2 seconds, and maybe 30 seconds later freezes again for half a second. Sounds like no big deal, unless you are playing modern warfare 2, because then you are dead, and your kill-streak is reset. Sometimes I come out of the 2 second freeze to see my avatar ran off a ledge and is falling to his death. Kinda funny, but not when it borks a kill-streak. Getting killed by your video card is just wrong. I googled around for a solutions, and just found forums full of people lamenting the bad quality of drivers for those cards. It's fine for most games, and it's fine 99% of the time, but that other 1% can be a cruel bitch. Now you know.

Submission + - Cheap breakthrough doubles solar cell output (latimes.com)

doug141 writes: In standard solar cells, much energy is lost (as heat) from photons mismatched to the capability of silicon to capture them. A new technique uses a pentacene layer to down-convert each hot (un-captureable) electron to two electrons that can be captured by standard silicon cells.

Comment Re:constitutional interpretation (Score 1) 144

What the 2nd amendment covers today is up to the whim of the 9 on today's court. The issue I raise is that people who would answer your cannon question don't then apply whatever logic they used to the other amendments. Instead, they first consider what answer they want for each individual issue, then selectively pick arguments to support their preference of "what the constitution covers." BTW cannons are ordnance, not arms.

Comment constitutional interpretation (Score 5, Interesting) 144

One thing I always found interesting about constitutional interpretation is that the same people who argue the 2nd amendment should only apply to muskets (on the basis that the writers of the constitution supposedly could not have imagined anyone ever designing what they all wanted... a gun that shoots faster and further), will turn right around and assert the first amendment has a wide reach with respect to electronic mass media. Electronic mass media... like that was easier for a colonist to see coming than a rifle upgrade.

Submission + - Wiping out mosquitoes with GM mosquitoes (gizmag.com) 1

doug141 writes: Scientists are releasing genetically modifies male mosquitoes that produce flightless female offspring. The male offspring go on to wipe out another generation of females.This is similar to the way screwworms were eradicated in the U.S., except with nature itself making more of the modified males.
Field trials are already underway.

Comment how dumb projects justify financing (Score 1) 709

Consider any project financially unsound enough that the locals would never pay for it. Then add matching federal funds so the cost is cut in half, and all of a sudden it gets the local vote to go ahead, now that it is half financed by distant federal taxpayers. Problem for the locals is, the distant taxpayers have some dumb project in their own backyard also. This is the way dumb things get justified all over the country.

Submission + - DARPA working on grave-robbing Frankenstein satell (extremetech.com) 1

MrSeb writes: "Just in time for Halloween, DARPA has published details of a new satellite that will allow scientists to create Frankensteinian satellites out of dead communications equipment currently orbiting the Earth. Right now there are about 19,000 different pieces of space debris in both low and high orbit around the planet, creating a dangerous scenario for both space flight and expensive items like the Hubble space telescope. Aptly named Phoenix, the idea is simple with a complex implementation. Using re-purposed robot arms from assembly lines and surgery units to create the scavenger bot, Phoenix will be shot into space and placed in the “graveyard” orbit that all the dead satellites are on as well. From there, it will attach to these units, and cut away different components to be used to create new, working units to be placed back into useful service. Phoenix is slated to launch in 2015 for testing, but there are some hurdles to its success, namely the Outer Space Treaty that states that an object launched into orbit remains the property of the country that put it there."

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