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Comment counterpoints (Score 1) 853

The money raised from selling and reselling the spectrum to "megacorps" subsidizes the electorate's appetite for underfunded entitlements. The microwave oven spectrum is given to microwave ovens for reasons of physics. I like my microwave... my radios will just have to work around it, which they seem to do just fine for me.

Comment here's where they should look... (Score 1) 165

On their answering machine. True story... an acquaintance once received a package that was large, and low density, filled with a lot of foam peanuts. There were scuff marks on the top of the package, and the single layer of tape down the seam on top was not stuck to the cardboard. The package contained not only HIS goods, but also a much smaller package of heavy machine parts... FROM someone else, TO someone else. The smaller package had clearly fallen onto his, and had enough momentum to open the flap and fall inside, and the flap then sprang back. He called the courier, but they never got back to him.

Comment there is hope (Score 1) 681

The FAA allows babies in laps, despite knowing full well that moms can't hold on to them during turbulence. The FAA's thoughtful policy is because they would rather have the child in a safe airplane than in an unsafe car because the extra plane seat was too expensive. If the FAA can see things this way, the TSA should be able to see that killing shy people through auto accidents, or killing conformists with radiation, or just sapping their life away standing in a line, is worse than having a lesser number die from terrorism. Maybe.

Comment PCGamer review: braindead AI (Score 3, Insightful) 380

For single player, wait for an expansion to fix the AI. The review in PCGamer said the AI does really stupid things with its combat units, like send them headlong into battle without regard to unit type, so its ranged units go right up to your melee units, and its melee units get trapped behind its own ranged units. The game balance is preserved simply by giving computer players more units. Given that this is the most tactical Civ yet (due to elimination of unit stacking), it's clear from the review it suffers even more from AI limitations than Civ IV did (before the Civ IV expansions).

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