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Comment Re:It takes EBT right? (Score 1) 299

You know that CalFresh (EBT Food, aka food stamps) benefits can't be used to buy prepared hot meals unless you're homeless, right? And any assets you might have, borrow, or earn -- say from a job flipping burgers -- are deducted from your already paltry CAAP (EBT Cash) benefits. But by all means, go ahead with the ignorant poor-bashing. After all, what are they gonna do, mildly annoy you with their temerity of sitting on the sidewalk?

Comment Re:Video? What video? (Score 1) 61

FYI, youtube-dl will scrape videos from youtube, vimeo, and a heap of other sites. It's a little more work than clicking a "download video" link, but it can download when no such link is readily provided by the site. It's in the standard repositories for Debian-based distros and Macports, although not Cygwin. Dunno about others.

Comment Forensics: doing it wrong (Score 5, Insightful) 72

“The court has ordered that the named defendants [...] prepare their computers and storage devices for forensic evaluation, and refrain from taking any action that would obfuscate the location of said devices or the data contained therein.”

Isn’t that a contradiction? That’s like CSI calling you up and telling you “We’re coming over next week, so make sure you prepare the crime scene for our arrival.”

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