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Comment My nominee: Philosophy (Score 1) 287

As a philosophy major I have to nominate this word as the most abused word in business.
The fact that it is used in/by business at all is already an atrocity.
Google returns some gems:
"At Coldwell Banker Lunsford, our philosophy is simple. We bring people together. "
"Our Philosophy is that our first priority is to ensure the long-term health, wellbeing and longevity of your beloved pet through our superior and natural nutrition"

I'm not sure what these guys think "our philosophy" means ("our strategy"? "our adverrtising slogan"?) but they're pissing me off.

Submission + - Soulskill Defies Blackout (

Mateo_LeFou writes: "Slashdot editor Soulskill surprised many today by breaking through metaphorical strike lines and so on, posting a bunch of news stories on a day when the technology community, generally speaking, was pretty well agreed that this is a wholly inappropriate thing to do"

Comment Let's say I work for Disney or Pixar (Score 3, Insightful) 167

If I'm afraid you're going to "compete or be able to deliver something at the level of a Pixar or a Disney", couldn't I just get your ISP to block you off from the cloud because I don't feel you're doing enough to prevent Pixar/Disney intellectual property from being incorporated into your work?

Submission + - Are the Pirate Sites Protesting SOPA? Nope. ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Just whom is going dark for SOPA? Not the pirate sites. Peter Wayner spends a few minutes with Google and discovers that now that O'Reilly Books and No Starch Press are dark, the pirate sites are the easiest-to-find, non-dark sites that will help you download a digital version of the book. He writes, "The deep question for the Internet is how to deal with people who don't play by the rules and look for ways to respect the people with whom they work. The response of the pirate sites to the SOPA/PIPA protest is a good indication of what kind of people they are. Are they going dark? Are they on the barricades with Tim O'Reilly? Nope. It's just another day of showing ads for "free desktop strippers." Should the Torrent sites be dark too? Is going dark an effective protest? Or has Tim O'Reilly just illustrated his famous point that book sellers have to make it easy for people to buy legit copies. If they don't, they just head for the pirates?

Comment Re:THIS is why free markets work (Score 1) 279

"... businesses are more responsive to their "constituents" then politicians are."
You're partially right here, but the main difference is (supposed to be) that business is responsive per the formula "one dollar, one vote" rather than "one person, one vote".

The US government has increasingly drifted away from the latter formula toward the former one, though.

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