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Submission + - Sugar Batteries Store 20% More Energy Than Li-Ions (tus.ac.jp)

An anonymous reader writes: Scientists at the Tokyo University of Science have developed a way to create sugar batteries that store 20% more energy than lithium-ion cells. Before it can be used as the anode in a sodium-ion battery, sucrose powder is turned into hard carbon powder by heating it to up to 1,500 degrees celsius in an oxygen-free oven.

Comment Re:4k Monitor (Score 1) 137

False. Check your facts before posting BS.
The bundled display settings for retina modes range from 150% to 280% UI scaling. Only one, the default one uses 200% magnification.
The scaling can be disabled, which is the way I prefer to use it, which means 100% scale, which is the same as the defaults on all older macs.
In any case, 1px == 1px, except for old apps, which have no knowledge of high-res scaling modes. For those, a separate 200% virtual framebuffer is maintained, where the system translates every legacy-drawn pixel into a 2x2 pixel grid, which is then scaled to whatever scale the user has selected and finally merged with the actual framebuffer. Retina-savvyness doesn't typically require more than recompiling the app against current versions of the system frameworks.

Comment Re:4k Monitor (Score 2) 137

Well, I'm writing this on my retina-macbook pro without any upscaling, 2880x1800 and perfectly readable. I've used a ViewSonic VP2290B with its 3840x2400 @ 22.2" resolution (a bit over 200ppi) for years in a similar fashion. I think upping resolution is the greatest thing ever, because I can fit so much more content on the display without wasting time on scrolling and zooming, and for reading full-screen documents, everything is as crisp, or crisper than printed media.
However, I've needed eyeglasses since 7-8 years ago. I'll probably opt for a laser eye correction surgery some time in the future. The point is, however, that if you have trouble seeing stuff, get some glasses. It's not for just monitors, but traffic safety and such, because you'll upgrade the real world from SD to HD.

Comment Re:Fuck Firefox 14. (Score 1, Insightful) 505

I don't think the parent is trolling. This is practically the sorry state of Firefox, which would probably be something like version 4.6.7 using the old versioning system. WebKit has left Mozilla in the dust, maybe they should switch bandwagons and just release a Firefox-y application wrapper built on WebKit?

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