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Comment Re:Advice (Score 1) 191

Back in bungies marathon days, the terminals kind of represent what you get in the halo books. However this game seems to go against what was written in Halo: Fall of reach (what other spartans?) and Halo: Ghosts of Onyx, which features...


Spartan 3s launching a more or less suicide attack against a covernant world in which 2 spartan 3s survive. These spartan 3s were, again, recruited from kidnapped children with promising DNA, not elite soldiers (which were the spartan 1s).

Comment Re:Taking bets? I'll bet against it. (Score 2, Insightful) 702

Keep marketing linux as a "replacement" for windows and you guarantee to always fail.

But windows does, for the most part, what 90% of the users out there need, even if it doesn't do it so well. If Linux doesn't replace this functionality, they won't want it.

Graphic cards are a recurring problem, though largely not the fault of linux devs. But heavy reliance on the CLI keeps out most out. Even with ubuntu you'll likely need to do something that requires the CLI, my current ubuntu headache is changing the refresh rate using the open raedon drivers (9600xt AGP) which is causing a flicker on my monitor, and have found X has changed since 9.04.

Whilst ubuntu would do most my parents needs, email (they use thunderbird on windows), youtube/browsing (Flash seems alot better and they use firefox on windows), word processing (They already use open office, once i made it default to saving to the .doc format etc.) but a flickering monitor? That just wouldn't do.

Comment Re:I did this after my last ticket... (Score 2, Insightful) 130

Thats quite lucky, judges take a dim view of people trying to pin something on the police. Remember, the police cannot be seen to do wrong, else no one will respect them, or so judges rule anyway.

And in anycase, your defence seems to admit you were speeding, but thats ok because other people do, those other people aren't the ones being charged though. If you were in traffic whilst speeding the only real defence I know that has worked was the "Keeping with the flow of traffic" as to avoid wild overtaking by other people and some such.

However, I am not a lawyer.

Comment Re:The Microsoft Word of PDF viewers (Score 1) 82

I've always had issues with sumatra, it seems to render some datasheets incorrectly, every now and again it'll consume 100MB+ ram, though that goes away when closing reopening pdfs, but most annoying is it'll happly stretch and print landscape documents on portrait (though you told it not too) and create several megabyte files to send to the xerox (which it really doesn't like).

Im having better look with foxit, even if it isn't as light weight.

Comment Re:Not really relevant, but what's with the clones (Score 1) 396

I write code (Ansi C) and design hardware for Atmel/PICs/PSoC devices almost exclusively in work. I have however been wanting to write games, in my own time, because it has always interested me. However the idea for a game i have is quite complex, though not graphically intensive, and im not entirely certain where to start.

However, that would not be the first game a write. I would write tick tack toe, tetris or pong. Why? The game rules are simple and I know how they are handled. It would be a nice intro into writing games. I would then likely modify the game, just to see what I can do and if I and others like it, hell why not try to make a couple quid with it, worse that can happen is market forces say no and I have just the experience of doing it as a reward.

But maybe thats just me.

P.s. If anyone does know of a good intro to game making (Win/Linux/Mac 2D stuff), point me that way?

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