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Submission + - Hewlett Packard does not care about Black People (

DeeFresh writes: HP has developed webcam software that incorporates facial recognition to keep the user's face centered and in focus at all times. The software does not seem to pick up on darker skin tones, however, as demonstrated in this video which shows the webcam's failure to track the face of a black man while capably keeping his white coworker in frame. HP has responded by saying that the problem is caused by poor lighting and that the company is working on a fix.

Submission + - Vulgar Comment on Newspaper site costs man his job 1

DeeFresh writes: "ReadWriteWeb has an article up today discussing an incident in which a school employee lost his job after leaving a comment on the website of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper. After the school employee responded to the newspaper's poll of "the strangest thing you've ever eaten" with a feline-inspired vulgarity, Kurt Greenbaum, the site's director of social media, tracked down the commenter's identity through his IP Address and reported him to school officials. When confronted, the school employee resigned from his job.
Here is Greenbaum's follow up article discussing the employee's resignation."

Submission + - Man arrested for directing protest through Twitter (

DeeFresh writes: From the Guardian article: "A New York-based anarchist [and his associate] has been arrested by the FBI and charged with hindering prosecution after he allegedly used the social networking site Twitter to help protesters at the G20 summit in Pittsburgh evade the police. Official police documents allege the two men used Twitter messages to contact protesters at the summit "and to inform the protesters and groups of the movements and actions of law enforcement".

Comment Re:too (abstract) (Olbers' paradox) (Score 1) 293

Perhaps a better approach to my original question would be:

If one were to argue that there is an infinite amount of stars/matter in the universe, would the light distortions caused by this Axis of Evil be a valid explanation for why the night sky is not filled with an infinite amount of light?

I must confess that I haven't read enough on the Big Bang or any other theory of the universe's creation to have an informed opinion on the matter, so this question may be akin to asking about possible explanations for why ships don't fall off the edge of a flat earth.

Comment Re:too (abstract) (Score 1) 293

The actual distortion is similar to the ripples of light you see on the bottom of a swimming pool due to ripples in the surface of the water. So, instead of even lighting across the bottom of the pool, you see a pattern of light and dark areas.

I'll admit up front that my knowledge of astronomy is severely limited, so please excuse in advance what may be a stupid question. But could this distortion be part of the reason why the night sky is dark rather than filled with light from the infinite amount of stars that exist?

The Straight Dope tackled this question a few years ago here, with the response that "there just aren't enough stars in the observable universe to fill up the night sky," but I'm wondering if this discovery changes things at all.

Comment Re:Um, what? (Score 1) 492

Meaning that if you're a record exec who doesn't know how to adapt to the evolving music scene, you're going to be out of a job soon. So update your resume (LinkedIn page) and start buying cheaper food (Ramen) because you're going to need to save up some money while you're unemployed.

Or something like that.

Comment Re:Consumables... namely printer carts (Score 1) 151

"If it carries on, we'll have electronics small enough that sheets of paper will start being compatible with specific printers..."

Actually, that technology is almost here, at least if you believe the press releases. A company called Zink claims that it will soon start selling paper that contains "ink" already in it. So it would only work with specific printers (the printers themselves don't contain any ink, they just apply heat to the paper).

Here's a writeup on it:

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