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Comment Re:Completely? (Score 1) 550

I appreciate your questioning, and that it won't stop, but stopping use of certain parts of your brain is a tough thing to do. :)
I'm wondering if you've visited other doctors. I've heard many stories from people like myself, and your wife, who appreciate or despise a doctor's advice. Some people I know from support groups have tried other doctors and/or medical institutions with great outcomes.

Best of luck to both of you in your continuing endurance.

Comment Highschool science (Score 1) 402

All south facing windows' blinds are angled to reflect or let sunlight through, depending on forecast and current temperature. I'm on the second floor in a suburban apartment complex. I've only needed to turn on the heater twice since winter ended, and it's been under 50 degrees at night for most days of the past month.

It's pretty convenient how the leaves spring before summer, blocking heat from the south side, then fall for winter, allowing heating of the floor and walls.

During the summer, I just put a box fan in a south facing window, blowing out, and open windows on the north side. I have a window AC unit but it's been in the garage for a few years now.

Comment Skynet (Score 1) 141

Seriously, though, it is Windows PC's that are present in government organizations, can gain sentience, and launch nuclear attacks to destroy all humans..

Comment Re:No, it is practical (Score 1) 625

Please tell your colleagues that the best music uses all or most of a CD's 80 dB volume range, not just the top 5 dB (i.e. avoids volume compression).

This has already been attempted. Customers used to the "top 5dB" bought new CD's that had been mastered properly, in the 80dB range, and didn't like their new quiet CD's. The record company received a deluge of "low volume" complaints.

Comment Re:Ugggh hate it (Score 1) 404

Best Buy is great. I was there looking for a SATA controller amongst a bunch of PCI cards, and a guy offered help. He led me to another aisle, looked around for a moment, then apologized "they're all USB." I tried explaining it was for a hard drive, but he said those come on motherboards, and they didn't have any.

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