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Comment TX: Dallas - I VOTED (and so should you) (Score 1) 821

I can't wait until the next election when Texas will probably be a swing state!

Not if you don't vote, dumbass.

Seriously.. you are right that Texas is filled with abject morons.

However, if you don't vote, don't count yourself as one of the smart people.

By the way, as a real city, Dallas has several Democratic house seats and close local elections. By not voting, you let the retards (or should I say other retards) win.

I live in Dallas and I Voted for Barack Obama, Democrats, and Greens in that order.

There is still time!!


Comment Re:You can take your gold, and shove it. (Score 2) 402

You say I'm getting robbed, yet I drive a nice car. I live in a nice home, in a nice city. I'm about to buy a beautiful house.

Far from feeling robbed, I feel lucky.

The United States left the gold standard during the great depression, because it provided too little flexibility for the country to get out of recessions. Inflation may have been low on the gold standard, but without a job, a high currency value doesn't really get you far.

A little inflation is a small price to pay for a good, or at least improving economy.

But you are still completely missing the point.

Oil costs more to extract than it used to. The extraction of expensive oil itself consumes alot of expensive oil, compounding increasing costs. That causes inflation in the price of oil.

Inflation in the price of oil caused by the shear logistics of its extraction, processing, and consumption isn't due to monetary inflation. It's due to an increasing complexity and cost of doing business in the age of dwindling easy oil.

Comment Wrong on so many levels (Score 0) 402

I find it interesting that all your doom and gloom about the real reason for oil prices rising doesn't even mention anything about what it takes to produce oil.

First someone needs to drill in the ground and extract the oil. 20 years ago, you could basically stick a pipe in the ground and oil would come rushing out. It was basically free to produce, so we extracted and sold it as quickly as possible, for very little money. But then we ran out of cheap, easy oil. Now we have to work for it.

We're either off shore in very deep water, since the near shore oil is pretty much all gone, or we are far away from home, in a unstable countries. Increasingly we are even converting sand to oil, which apart from being an environmental catastrophe is already very expensive. It's so expensive and energy intensive that in some cases, a nuclear power plant is required to power the operation.

All these costs add on eachother, since the helicopters which resupply offshore rigs, the oil tankers that bring the oil home, and the mining operation that extracts oil sand from the ground all consume vast quantities of expensive oil.

That's why oil is expensive to begin with.

The reason that the price is now rising above its already high floor, is because of an increase in economic activity in the US and a few other countries. Whether or not this increase continues to pick up steam, we'll have to see, but I don't think anyone has given up on an accelerating economic recovery.

The stock market's value has doubled in the last few years, so the market apparently doesn't share your or the republican party's pessimism, despite a cyclical slow down in each spring of the last 4 years.

In fact, many stock indices are near all time highs.

Comment Medicare fraud is not new (Score 5, Interesting) 294

Medicare fraud is not new. It existed way before electronic records.

Florida's governor, Rick Scott's company committed medicare fraud way before electronic records were introduced.

Electronic records should make it easier to detect medicare fraud, as statistical analysis is much easier with computerized systems.

Comment A CS Degree is 4 Years to Teach Yourself (Score 0) 630

For me, earning computer science degree was a scheme to get my parents to let me screw around and teach myself to code while finding my own way for 4 years.

If you graduate from high school and spend the next few years living off your parents while screwing around on your college, you'll find yourself cut off very quickly. If you do the same thing, but also earn a computer science degree, then your parents are satisfied that you aren't just aimlessly drifting through life.

If I hadn't had 4 years of time to really tinker with my computer I doubt I'd be half the coder I am today.

If you spend 4 years studying computer science, and got most of your learning from a classroom, then unless you went to a really good school, you are screwed. Hurry up and learn something marketable.

Comment Re:Political correctness in action (Score 2, Informative) 409

The Governor of Florida, where the TB outbreak was kept secret in violation of the law is a Republican , you fucking moron...

Like most Republican politicians, Florida's governor is a secretive, ignorant, corrupt waste of humanity.

Your pathetic attempt at blaming this failure of Florida's state government on President Obama is both funny and stupid, which we all know is a hallmark of the Republican party.

Comment Re:Here in Redneckville (Score 1, Troll) 302

The only problem with Redneckville is that it's full of ignorant loudmouths like you.

Redneckville is so full of small minded, self righteous, dipshits that the governor has actually convinced you fools that he balanced the budget while taking out millions of dollars in bonds and laughing all the way to the bank, where he has lined his pockets with public money.

Meanwhile, the governor has put in place voter suppression laws which run afoul of the Voting Rights Act, which was itself necessitated by racist dumb-asses in bigot flyover country.

Comment Donald Trump's Birth Certificate Lies (Score -1, Troll) 511

This year we can use the people who lie about Barack Obama's birth certificate to identify the impact of racism on the electorate.

I haven't met a single person that lies about President Obama's birth certificate who wasn't genuinely racist.

I know Donald Trump claims he isn't a racist, but give me a break. He's an idiot but he's not that stupid.

And when you ask what his team found in Hawaii, he whines about why we shouldn't worry about the past.. Se he knows he's lying, but he keeps claiming that Obama isn't American.

Then despite the fact that Obama was leader of the Harvard law review and was elected President of the USA, Trump claims that Obama was an affirmative action admission..

Donald Trump and the rest of the people who lie about President's birth certificate are racist, and since they self-identify it's a pretty easy group to study and/or mock.

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