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Comment Seriously... Life changing? (Score 1) 551

Okay for the last time, can anybody tell me how to block Apple stories from Slashdot in My Preferences? I've tried everything, including:

changing the settings
logging in and out (I even tried turning it off and then on again...)
sacrificing my first born
If this is the kind of stories I get from Apple Tag, I don't need em.

Comment Re:Authorities inform involved computer users (Score 1) 187

Doesn't it seem odd that we tell users: "NEVER click on a link from an unknown source." and yet that is exactly what this warning is telling us.

I get that they are trying to warn the users but it seems ironic that they are saying " you are infected. click here to find out more." that is probably what got the user in trouble in the first place.

Not saying I have a better solution... I have no idea but I guess something is better than nothing.

Comment Re:Always been expensive (Score 1) 225

I had mod points but needed to say it, I distinctly remember my dad cringing when he bought us Stampede! by activision for the Atari 2600. total cost = $59.99. In 1981 My mom and dad back then were well off, but when I think nowadays with my wage buying games for my family (Wii games) and spending the same amount, I can't help but think we might have been getting ripped off back then.

Times have changed, games are a dime a dozen and the magic of 'electronic games' is gone. thus people's perceived values of what they should cost (comparing it to the sweat shop goods you can get at Walmart) is that the games are expensive.

Comment Re:My solution (Score 1) 709

Good idea.

My thoughts were a jammer while the car is in drive (even stopped with brakes applied) to every car. ( I Know its illegal to jam... keep an open mind) then your idea with the pillory idea (call this number if you see this moron texting) because two things are obvious:

One: they found a way to beat the system
Two they are too stupid to be given a license to Drive

Comment Re:Engadget's Page Refesh = Awesome (Score 1) 917

This must be default behaviour on Endgadget... This is the main reason I never go to that site.Or any site that does this for that matter. I hate getting half way through an article with pictures only to have to find where I left off when I got rudely interrupted.

I do have ABP installed and it didn't seem to help unless I'm doing it wrong (as usual)

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