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Comment Re:Ridiculous (Score 3, Interesting) 190

And this is what bothers me. If you are willing to run an experiment enough times, you will eventually get data to support your assertions. Get a statistical 90% certainty, and it could be that you ran the scenario 100 times, and throw out the 99 times that did not give you this certainty. The scientific process is bullet proof. The folks who "do science" not necessarily so.

Comment Re:Not doing enough... (Score 1, Troll) 133

I bet there is a server experiencing downtime every hour somewhere in the world causing customers pain. Lets post individual stories about it ! We can get to the next +100,000 milestone in no time.. :)

Hi. You have no clue. I am an IT manager for a mid-sized company. Microsoft FORCES me through their eOpen site for my licensing. Want to do site licensing? you use eOpen. And the site sucks. Features don't work. The navigation is a nightmare. And now, it is down. So, yes, it is a big deal.

Microsoft isn't the only company with this kind of problems. AT&T has a similar system for business contracts. We were negotiating to get a point to point T1 set up. And for a week their damn contract system was down. No one could (or would) circumvent the system. So as a consumer you are stuck. What is the commonality? In both cases it is a big company that you are practically forced to work with. So they can do whatever the hell they want and you are stuck.

So, no AC, this is not a Microsoft bash thing. it is really a big business bash thing.

Comment I love the first comment on Amazon (Score 1) 4

"1,061 of 1,093 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars The greatest thing ever invented!, October 26, 2009
By T. Meadows "TM" (WV) - See all my reviews
Wow is this thing great! I use it as a "mini-bar" when the friends and I go out to the bars. I can quickly fix multiple shots of tequila for myself and the friends as we drive from one bar to the next. We also discovered that if you place a pillow on top of it and turn on the cruise control you can catch quick naps on the interstate. If you swerve to the left or right the rumble strips on the road wake you up in plenty of time before you get into trouble. I can now take longer trips without being tired!

Also, i am now dating a midget and she fits nicely on the steering wheel desk which allows us to experiment sexually while driving. This thing is like WD-40 or duct tape, it is a million and one uses! "

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Comment Re:Hmm.. (Score 1) 664

I'm interested in hearing more about licensing. My understanding with Citrix Virtualized Desktop that I am strictly paying a concurrent user licensing fee. You seem to indicate there are other caveats. Can you tell me what your experience has been? My information has come from a reseller, and I got my quote in writing :) But if there are some hidden "gotchas", this is when I'd like to know...

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