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Comment Just like truck drivers? (Score 1) 332

I don't know how it's there in US, but here in Europe professions such as long-haul truck and tourist bus drivers are regulated so that they are not allowed to drive for, say, 36 hours w/o sleep, and it's enforced by monitoring their shift schedules.

Patient 'consent' wouldn't be a solution, but hospitals definitely could enforce rules that no surgeon can get a shift for more than x consecutive hours without having a break in between that would allow for proper full night sleep.

Comment Re:I love where I live (Score 1) 181

In actions, the political representatives of American Right practice extension of government, strengthening the government, avoiding and overturning constitutional limitations, and having a strong symbiosis between the state and related industry conglomerates with none of that 'arms-length' liberal stuff.

In words, maybe they are as you say, and maybe their voters do think as you say - but it's irrelevant if they are acting like fascists.

Comment Re:Bring back 8 track (Score 1) 262

No physical media has any notion of permanence at all - they will degrade over some time inevitably, the only question is when. However, bits are bits are bits no matter how many times you copy them, and if you have them they will be in the same quality even after a billion years in a different galaxy.

Words like '50 years', 'often', 'just as good' don't mean permanence - can you rephrase your sentence with 'forever', 'always', 'exactly as good' ?

Comment Re:Alternative ways to develop? (Score 1) 262

Yer, the only way to develop the film is chemical in nature.
The information is there in the form of chemical proportions on each color layer of the film - roughly speaking, from 0% to 100% of the volatile chemicals have reacted depending on how much light exposure they got. There are spectrum bands that would be non-destructive and could be used for attempted scanning, but generally the film would have no optical content before the developing chemicals, you'd just scan a blank picture; and even if there were measurable optical differences then you couldn't distinguish between the three color layers (since you'd be scanning in a single narrow spectrum light and get a monochrome scan).

Comment Re:Ship Source? (Score 1) 198

They have to include an offer on how exactly the user can get the source code, and they are liable for fulfilling it - they can rely on a third party such as Open Handset Alliance, but they must include an offer stating that OHA will do it, and are liable if OHA doesn't do it for some reason (say, not having the exact version that matches the code on the shipped device)

Comment Re:What I'd like to know (Score 1) 387

They were counting the hours spent, each of the consoles had almost twice as many hours logged as PC. So the console gamers are progressing twice slower despite putting in almost twice as much time - so maybe they don't care about this goal and are ignoring it en masse, or something like that.

Comment Re:Are you guys really loosing it in the U.S? (Score 1) 496

If I broke the lock on your diary or the password on your email to read it, it would definitely be a crime.
If I broke the lock on my ex-wifes diary or the password on her email to read it, it would definitely be a crime.
The only question is wether their current problematic-but-still-legal marriage changes that or not.

Comment Re:We borrow money from China to fund corn... (Score 1) 586

Complete offtopic - have you read the other comments in the thread?

1) US federal minimum wage is 7.25$/hour, which is far above $300/month if you work reasonable hours;
2) The thread is about proposal for 'basic guaranteed income' which would mostly cover the rent/heat/food for everyone regardless of what they're doing.

Comment Re:We borrow money from China to fund corn... (Score 1) 586

I already have some stuff, and it doesn't take much at all - rent+food is the major expense, you can skip shampoo and get a cheap backpack for that money :) You can get a decent used guitar for a couple hundred bucks, and it would serve you for dozens of years - the world is full with dirt cheap hobbies that only need lots of time. And I sure could work a bit for something, I've got no problem with that, but it be an order of magnitude less work, nowhere near full time - work two weeks, get the guitar you want, and go away...

The 55-year old janitor would probably retire early if he had basic income. Single moms wouldn't work two jobs away from their children if they had basic income - they would be with the family. 'Aspiring actresses' in LA wouldn't wait tables to pay the rent, they'd practice acting. Wannabe singer-songwriters wouldn't flip burgers, they would try to make some songs. Who would serve your burgers then?

Comment Re:Don't Waste Your Time (Score 1) 204

Addressing economic issues behind spam can be done by ensuring that companies that use spam in their advertising pay more in fines than they could earn by the sales of their products.

A large part of the spammers are actually in the US - see any statistics on spam origins. Most of the spam wants to get your money, so they sell and deliver stuff in US, so they are quite vulnerable to US jurisdiction, as the court verdicts would apply to their money and stuff passed through US. Dan's methods won't work against internet fraud, phishing and "Nigerian" scams, that's what criminal law is for, but Dan's approach would work just fine against commercial spam, which seems to dominate if I look at my gmail's spam folder.

Comment Re:We borrow money from China to fund corn... (Score 1) 586

Most people want more in life, but the current 'standard' lifestyle of being a daily office drone followed by sitting at a large screen TV is less, not more.

If I had guaranteed 'basic income', I'd fill my life with great fun stuff for me such as playing my (shitty) music, backpacking, and studying psychology. It wouldn't really include much, if any stuff on that I currently spend most of my effing life by being productive for others.

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