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Comment Re:convenience over quality (Score 1) 360

I'm not going to claim the numbers for this are high, but here's what I do:

Plug monitor cable from linux (or windows or you're evil) into LCD TV.
Plug sound cable into TV
Watch computer on TV

Our home computer is a linux desktop that has two video outputs. We can use both the monitor and TV, but one mouse for now. We plug/unplug the audio wire (that goes to the TV) from the desktop speaker to change where the audio goes -- I suppose that part could be better.
It's not hard (same 2 cables) to connect laptops to the TV.

Comment Re:Not social networking... (Score 1) 294

Myouterspace.com is, in the captain's own words, '... a Sci Fi Social Network for those with a passion for the arts.'

But that is exactly why it won't catch on. The reason why Facebook is so popular is because -everyone- can use it.

Originally not many people could use facebook -- it was only for people in college. There's no reason why Shatner's site couldn't include more people later, but honestly, (and as other people have already said) I don't think they needs to include everyone to be successful.

Comment Re:ATI chipsets (Score 1) 195

...A laptop with an R600 chipset is not easy to get working.

You have a good point -- graphics card choices in laptops are limited. But, instead of using windows, or linux without 3D, I just no longer consider laptops with ATI cards (which leaves nvidia choices for now).
I feel your pain though -- I had a T43 with X300 card for a couple years, and that experience is unfortunately burned in my memory.

Comment Re:ATI chipsets (Score 2, Informative) 195

If you're ok with not-so-open drivers, nvidia 3D cards have worked for years. I am waiting for quality open source 3D linux drivers, but until then, at least 3D can and has worked reliably on linux. (the nvidia-settings tool is reasonable enough that you generally don't need to edit config files)

Comment Re:He deserves it (Score 1) 541

Actually I am sure that both men created lots of things. But what one thing stands above the others for each man? Or a better question, do you know more people that have used Linux or emacs? Those original tools were key parts needed for Linux to happen. But it was Linux that busted into the mainstream.

Stallman was building an operating system. Linus contributed a kernel for it. The Linux kernel and most open source software is built with gcc. I'll still agree that writing the kernel is no small feat. Otherwise the other two or three kernel options considered for GNU would have been completed before the linux kernel.

Comment Re:He deserves it (Score 5, Insightful) 541

That is the point. Stallman founded a religion, and Torvalds gave us a tool.

Really? Maybe you aren't aware of the tools Stallman wrote? Stallman wrote the first versions of gcc, gdb, emacs, etc.
So if you still want to oversimplify it, this is more accurate: Stallman created tools and created open source. Torvalds created a tool.

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