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Comment Re:ATI chipsets (Score 1) 195

...A laptop with an R600 chipset is not easy to get working.

You have a good point -- graphics card choices in laptops are limited. But, instead of using windows, or linux without 3D, I just no longer consider laptops with ATI cards (which leaves nvidia choices for now).
I feel your pain though -- I had a T43 with X300 card for a couple years, and that experience is unfortunately burned in my memory.

Comment Re:ATI chipsets (Score 2, Informative) 195

If you're ok with not-so-open drivers, nvidia 3D cards have worked for years. I am waiting for quality open source 3D linux drivers, but until then, at least 3D can and has worked reliably on linux. (the nvidia-settings tool is reasonable enough that you generally don't need to edit config files)

Comment Re:He deserves it (Score 1) 541

Actually I am sure that both men created lots of things. But what one thing stands above the others for each man? Or a better question, do you know more people that have used Linux or emacs? Those original tools were key parts needed for Linux to happen. But it was Linux that busted into the mainstream.

Stallman was building an operating system. Linus contributed a kernel for it. The Linux kernel and most open source software is built with gcc. I'll still agree that writing the kernel is no small feat. Otherwise the other two or three kernel options considered for GNU would have been completed before the linux kernel.

Comment Re:He deserves it (Score 5, Insightful) 541

That is the point. Stallman founded a religion, and Torvalds gave us a tool.

Really? Maybe you aren't aware of the tools Stallman wrote? Stallman wrote the first versions of gcc, gdb, emacs, etc.
So if you still want to oversimplify it, this is more accurate: Stallman created tools and created open source. Torvalds created a tool.

Comment Download for WebGL on Linux yet? (Score 2, Interesting) 181

It there any browser to download that will let us try out WebGL on linux yet?
Would building the changes into epiphany or midori work?
I've also tried firefox's canvas3D, but haven''t gotten that to work yet.
Hopefully the WebGL api will be available from the python plugin in firefox. That would still require a plugin to download, but at least there would be a nice 3D web platform to develop in. (yeah, javascript is ok, but it's not great)

Comment Re:It's not 3D (Score 1) 249

I didn't say you were wrong.
The (active) stereo glasses are nice, especially with head tracking. It generally gives a good 3D experience.
The autostereo (no glasses) approach is a good idea, but I haven't heard of great experiences with them yet. They will probably eventually be more useful.

Comment Re:It's not 3D (Score 1) 249

For multiple tracked stereo views, the really good display would need much higher refresh rates and specialized emitters and glasses.
Multiple tracked people seeing their own tracked view would divide the refresh rate in half for each extra person. For example, two persons' view (with 2 stereo eyes each) requires four images. A 120Hz refresh divided by four only appears as 30Hz. Maybe having two views is reasonable, but more than that is not likely (there are limits to eye and glasses refresh rates).

US Supercomputer Lead Sparks Russian Govt's Competitive Drive 74

CWmike writes "Russia's launch of Sputnik in 1957 triggered a crisis of confidence in the US that helped drive the creation of a space program. Now, Russia is comparing the US's achievements in supercomputing with theirs, and they don't like what they see. In a speech on Tuesday, Russia's President, Dmitry Medvedev, criticized his country's IT industry almost to the point of sarcasm for failing to develop supercomputing technology, and urged a dramatic change in Russia's use of high-performance computing. Medvedev, at the opening address of a Security Council Meeting on Supercomputers in Moscow, told attendees that 476 out of the 500 supercomputers on the Top500 list were manufactured in the United States. 'Therefore, in general, our situation is very difficult,' he said."

Armadillo Aerospace Flight Paves Way For Science Payloads 63

Matt_dk writes "Armadillo Aerospace conducted two groundbreaking atmospheric test flights this weekend with their 'Mod' vertical-takeoff-vertical-landing rocket, a vehicle familiar to anyone who has followed NASA's Lunar Lander Challenge competitions. Flying from their test facility in Caddo Mills, Texas, Armadillo Aerospace first completed a milestone flight under a NASA contract, using methane fuel and liquid oxygen as propellant. Later that same afternoon, a second successful low-altitude flight was performed using a 'boosted hop' trajectory of the same type that will be used for suborbital flights to space."

Comment Re:OpenMoko (Score 1) 208

The believe navit program has this type of more advanced "giving directions" feature (you can probably find more information on the navit website). I haven't tried navit much, since the other GPS apps such as tangogps have been enough for me..

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