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Comment Re:BOM/COM (Score 1) 612

No, I'm not WOZ but if you ever watch or read anything on the history of this you'd learn that he was very apt on the bill of materials. He succeeded by combining many parts into one to save on cost and complexity.

Comment Re:V12 (Score 1) 68

Its the best to me because:

I messed with it a lot in Tribes 2. So I can only assume it has gotten better but:
Its net code was not tied to frame rendering and was object oriented from the get-go.
Had a built in world editor that worked while live games were running. You could prop a server up and edit the world real-time.
Supported scripting and compiled it on the fly for faster run-times
had the best vehicle code I've seen outside of a racing game...

Hopefully one can learn this, perhaps consider publishing, and then license it for $100 still. That'd be great!

Comment Re:Yikes... (Score 1) 148

Ha! I try to support local vendors and growers. For farmers markets and the like, I cant recommend anyone else. As for other local shops and the like, they charge more (computer repair/parts, auto, tools, groceries) for less value. What I mean is that they are equal or less in quality, and their service is usually mean and or non caring like they dont need my money or desire to help me to make extra sales. I was flat out told that I "dont need a new computer" when he had no idea what for (a media center, new addition) and I responded by saying I guess what you dont need is money and left.

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