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Comment Re:Which one does the President really believe in? (Score 2) 217

I would suggest we blame the campaign finance laws that require them to behave that way.

I fail to see the connection between campaign finance laws and politicians pandering to whatever the voters currently want. Election campaigns could magically be free and they would still behave in this manner. They want votes, and consistency (currently) does not win you elections.

Comment Re:Which one does the President really believe in? (Score 2) 217

... and no principles that consistently direct their decision-making since that would require a spine and would likely interfere with retaining power.

You really want to make excuses for that?

You said it yourself; politicians in the upper levels of government must set aside principles to stay in office. If you want to blame someone, blame the voters who force them to behave that way. We get the government we deserve.

Comment Re:AdBlock (Score 1) 292

Just tried it (again) yesterday. Unskippable ads on thedailyshow.com and colbertnation.com. Those are the only two I tried this time, but previously I was getting the same issue with southparkstudios.com among others. These are all blocked with AdBlock Plus for Firefox. These are the ads I am talking about.

Comment AdBlock (Score 4, Interesting) 292

Yet it still doesn't have an equivalent to AdBlock Plus.

And for the Chrome-heads who point out AdBlock, it is a good start but still nowhere near as effective. It lets many ads through, it still downloads and just hides a large chunk of ads, and it does not seem to stop flash ads at all.

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