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Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 271

Nothing wrong with it. It's just not the standard text editor. Check the man page in, for example, OpenSolaris:

ed(1) User Commands ed(1)

              ed, red - text editor

/usr/bin/ed [-s | -] [-p string] [-x] [-C] [file]

/usr/xpg4/bin/ed [-s | -] [-p string] [-x] [-C] [file]

/usr/xpg6/bin/ed [-s | -] [-p string] [-x] [-C] [file]

/usr/bin/red [-s | -] [-p string] [-x] [-C] [file]

              The ed utility is the standard text editor.

Comment Re:Not oil (Score 1) 401

Even there the math doesn't work. There's only so much reducing electricity prices could do to promote the alternatives. But even if we went hog-wild and projected cheap geothermal would result replacing of one in four US passenger vehicle miles with trips on electricity-fueled transport, it would reduce US oil consumption by . . . 10%.

Not an insubstantial cut, but not the sort of thing that would count as getting the US off oil.

Comment Re:Points that need to be addressed (Score 1) 967

If the workers were a contractor company instead of a union, the employer would not be legally obligated by Federal law to negotiate with the contractor company after a contract expired; they could freely negotiate with rival contractor companies, choose to refuse to negotiate with the current contractor company just because they were unpleasant, and even close the plant in one state and open one in another so that it could deal with different contractor companies.

All of those actions are, when done by an employer with relation to a union instead of a contractor company, grounds for an "unfair labor practices" complaint before the NLRB, and possible legal sanctions.

Comment Re:Stop To Think, People: (Score 1) 214

Alderaan was blown up in Star Wars.

So ot's equally valid to understand the collective mind of /. as actually wanting Yahoo! to be in Star Wars. And I'm pretty sure Lucas can, in fact, digitally insert Yahoo! into the upcoming 3D version of Star Wars . . .

Comment Re:How about (Score 1) 149

Australia's an industrialized English-speaking federation of states with a dedicated capital territory that fought at our side in World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq I, Afghanistan, and Iraq II. And we've got a defense agreement and a free trade agreement with them.

Why would we bother to invade? They're already US!

Comment Re:What happens if the merger is blocked (Score 1) 182

Ok, lets say the Fed's block the merger. What happens next?

Somebody else buys T-Mobile. CenturyLink, a consortium of US cable companies, a private capital investment firm, a different foreign telecom (say, América MÃvil) . . . there are lots and lots of people who aren't AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint Nextel out there.

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