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Comment Re:Approximate cost (Score 1) 164

Based on freely available specifications ( for the Atlas V-551 launch vehicle, the density of aluminum you stated and a best case estimation of the payload weight (just over 18,000 lbs based on the above site), I calculated $6084/lb, which comes out to $1789 to launch these little guys. HOWEVER, with the dimensions of a minifig from here ( and here ( the volume of a minifig is closer to 0.59 in^3 so the total works out to just about $1054. And by the way, you had a typo in your result up above, though your answer is correct.

Comment Re:not surprising, unfortunately (Score 1) 86

$250M additional expenditure and a two year delay is hardly a "major disaster" in the scheme of things. They still got the system, and it will eventually meet requirements. It could be a hell of a lot worse. For example, the A-12 debacle. Canceled in 1991 and STILL working its way through the court system. Multi-billion dollars of expenditures for zero useful product.

Comment Re:Social Security for Military Contractors (Score 1) 86

What you fail to understand however is the economic impact of cutting that budget. Yes, let's reduce defense spending. Which will lead to fewer contracts. Which will lead to fewer contractors. Which will lead to higher unemployment. Which will lead to greater entitlement spending. Which will lead to...suffering. HA! Take that, Yoda. It's a very delicate balance.

Comment Re:Whiners... (Score 1) 574

But it isn't "what you want". It's "what's available" between the deals the MPAA allows Netflix to make and the movies/shows Netflix decides to try to obtain. More often than not "what *I* want(ed)" was not available; thus, I dropped Netflix.

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