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Comment Teach CS! (Score 1) 474

If you teach a programming course K-12 students are likely to fail. But basic concepts of computer science would be great. The biggest benefit from most young adults studying philosophy is that they become familiar with logical arguments (except of course the statistically insignificant few who make academic careers out of philosophy). Anybody with a better-developed sense of logic is a positive contribution to the U.S. labor-force, even if they can't program. Math influences this too, but its language is intimidating to many types of learners. Why not experiment* with a new approach? Maybe early courses in computer science will lead to better performance in upper-level math courses later on?

*experiment meaning don't overhaul the whole education system on a bet that it will work.


Gnome 2.18 Released 253

xdancergirlx writes "Gnome 2.18 was released today (on time as usual). Detailed release notes are available. Nothing revolutionary in this release but definitely some nice new features, bug fixes, and improvements."

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