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Comment I see the ugly head of socialism. (Score 1) 246

From the article:
"She rang the maternity suite at Worcestershire Royal Hospital in Worcester but was told it was nothing to worry about and to go back to sleep...
...Miss Rowberry said: ''It was frightening. I rang the maternity suite and they just told me to go to sleep."

Socialized medicine at its finest.

Comment Bury brigades are nothing new (Score 1) 624

I abandoned Digg a couple of years ago.
Bury brigades have been killing right-leaning stories while promoting left-leaning stories for years now. They have been doing so with the blessing of the site owners. The owners of Digg routinely ban accounts for posting comments that go against left-leaning stories so I don't feel the least bit sorry for them.

How hypocritical to complain that right-leaning bury brigades are now causing a problem. Sadly enough it's the only way to force some kind of political balance.

Comment Re:Wikileaks = Enemy (Score 1) 973

...and sometimes highly editing then releasing a stolen video (aka lying) is the only way to get support for a leftist political cause.
Notice how the video slowed to show camera tripods but quickly skipped on past the guy carrying an RPG and another toting an AK? Notice how there's no description of the firefight that took place before the video or an explanation that the guys carrying the weapons had just been in it?
As for the Reuters reporters...when you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas.

This is a manufactured story, and the people who did it did so to undermine the United States. They are just as much our enemies as the guys shooting at us, only less trustworthy.

Comment Re:Physchology (Score 1) 274

I disagree. It's my own experience that simulations drive people crazy.

I served aboard a submarine.
Sometimes before we left on a deployment we would go through a drill called a "fast cruise'. We'd be tied up at the dock, surfaced, but the whole crew would be down below with the hatches shut pretending we were at sea and submerged. It was absolutely maddening because we knew that air, beer, and babes were separated from us by 2 to 3 inches of steel and that everything we were suffering through was just made-up. With no real danger and no real mission to concentrate on, we were left to wallow in our misery.

When we were actually on deployment we were submerged for months at a time, which was no picnic, but it was much more bearable than spending 24 hours at the pier. Part of it was knowing that death lay on the other side of those 2 to 3 inches of steel and that we were in the most comfortable spot out in the middle of nowhere. There was stress, but that stress was due to real conditions, which is much more tolerable than stress that's contrived. With real stress you barely notice conditions like the AC being off while you're sitting next to a reactor.

When the same thing was being done as a drill, we just sat there sweaty and pissed off.

Comment Wireless won't work for those who work. (Score 1) 496

Sorry, wireless is nice for wireless devices, but it won't be replacing ethernet on workstations anytime soon. Ever try running Solidworks on a laptop with its minimal GPU and small screen? Many of them just choke and die.
Ever try loading a large assembly over a wireless connection? I'll take 1Gbps ethernet over 54 Mbps wireless any day.

So yeah, ethernet not only always works, but you can transmit data over it faster. It might get replaced by wireless at Starbucks or those trendy businesses with fake hardwood floors and a manager name "Tristan", but not at any real business transferring real data any time soon.
Wireless use will increase and is growing, but it is being used to fill a hole that ethernet can't conveniently fill; connecting laptops and other wireless devices. It's perfectly adequate for twittering and viewing porn, but it just doesn't have the reliability and speed of ethernet.

There are many of us who need full blown bolted-to-the-floor workstations to get our work done and ethernet is the best choice for us. My wirelessly connected laptop is on my other desk getting a battery charge. The computer I'm using to waste time on Slashdot weighs 10 pounds and is connected via ethernet.

...and just to piss everyone off, I still have a 3.5" floppy drive. I'd better get back to my CAD work now or I won't get paid.

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