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Comment Advice from an IT manager - yes, get the degree (Score 1) 433

The quick answer - If you want to broaden your options of where you can work get a 4yr degree in any IT related program that you can. See it for what it is, an accomplishment, not an education that will make you an IT rock star.

I am an IT manager that has worked his way up the IT ranks over the last 20 years. I was very fortunate to break through the no degree non-sense as an experienced hire in the late 90's IT hiring frenzy. Then the IT crash happened in early 2000's and bam...out on my butt and in serious trouble to just get an interview. With the flood of IT candidates, HR departments took the easy route and just filtered anyone without a 4 year degree. I had seen the writing on the wall and had started working on my degree before I found myself out on the street and I stuck to it. I studied nearly every night and weekend while still working 50-70hrs in IT. I used to say "college is getting in the way of my education" as the crap I was "learning" was seriously cutting into my "nerd time" if you know what I mean. It took 5yrs since I was also working full time but it’s now out of the way, and by out of the way I mean I have opened up more opportunities for future employment. Nothing worse than finding yourself being "awesome" and out of a job but excluded because you don't have a degree - and the company that put me out on my butt - a very successful 90,000 employee at the time, 200,000 employees now, global company.

So, now that I'm a manager I have taken painful steps with my HR department to create job descriptions that do not put the degree over all else. It's nearly impossible. Our HR cannot get over the idea that IT people can pull such high salaries without a degree. They force me to consider college as a 4yr work equivalence, so if I have a position that needs 5yrs experience, a person without a degree would have to have 9yrs!? They also force me to consider years over quality which is also frustrating. They don't actually care what the degree is in, just that you have one in something. This is not a unique experience with companies that are not technology companies or are large technology companies, like say a large telecomm where I had problems getting HR to forward resumes to me that I know they had. But, again, this is still an HR problem. I’ve evaluated hundreds of resumes and interviewed nearly a hundred people in the last couple years. I see the degree as informational on the resume and I rarely give it any weight.

Btw, some of the best technology people I have worked next to came from Devry. I don’t know why Devry has such a bad rep but the people I have come across have been quality. One of the worst IT guys, and I mean flat out bad, had a Harvard degree. There are crap “universities” out there though. ITT and PCI come to mind. I had a candidate with an AS in CS from PCI that couldn’t name an operating system!? Also, I found a local college that offered adult learning that included transfers from a local community college. The degree plan also included credits for working on industry certifications. That made college a little less painful and allowed me to add more “value” to my resume even before my degree was completed.

Another thing. When I was younger I had a lot of pride in having been so accomplished without a degree. I now have just as much pride in having obtained a degree and improving my options for providing for my family.

I wish you well in your quest

Comment Re:One more issue (Score 1) 1065

Value for most items is based in emmotion. The value only remains for as long as someone wants the product. Holding an assest that has limited supply but high demand would result in the value going up. In effect the minority holders would also benefit from the majority holding the asset and not flooding the market with supply.

Look at gold...if a nation states like China dumps their gold a whole bunch of small investors are going to be hurt.

Comment Re:One more issue (Score 1) 1065

it's supply and demand. High demand, low supply, higher value. Low demand, high supply, lower value. If the majority holder sells that could result in a high supply which will dilute the value of the minority holders.

Comment Re:So just like the old Sears crap? (Score 1) 532

I sold electronics at Sears in the early 90's. LXI was the house brand and it was made by various major manufactures like RCA, Toshiba, etc. This idea of retailer specific models from major manufactures is not new at all. Its been done for decades. I frequently had to deal with competitor price matching and the models never matched. The internet is to the discount retailers as the discount retailers were to the specialty shops with actual knowledgeable sales people. Customers used to come in for the knowledge and then head to the discount store to make the purchase. I guess I can't feel sorry for them...turn about is fair play.

Comment Re:We've had an increase in gas prices... (Score 1) 891

If my comment is going to get rated troll but the OP is +5 interesting for calling me a "self-indulgent rich dick" because I drive an SUV...I'm going to earn it. SUCK IT. I'm neither rich nor self-indulgent. I just prefer the SUV for my driving conditions. I have no pity for the OP's inferiority complex. If you want to make a case for protecting the environment don't wrap it in a shortsighted, factually inacurate, crybaby argument. ...and one more SUCK IT for good measure. ...and not sure where you are from but we call it "gas" or "gasoline" in the US.

Comment Re:HUH? (Score 1) 891

I don't know where you live but most public transit, both train and bus, are not sustainable without tax support. Amtrack gets millions a year just from my state alone. Also, 9 billion was earmarked in the Obama stimulus for passenger rail upgrades that will likely only be used between two states. Those roads you hate paying for are used to deliver the goods and services that you likely enjoy. You don't have to be a driver to receive benefit from the road infrastruture. Also, what about the people driving electric cars...paying no "road tax" but still using the road?

Comment Re:We've had an increase in gas prices... (Score 0) 891

I like my SUV...get over it. If you think pollution starts and ends with the car one choses to drive then you will remain ignorant. It's also ignorant to assume that because I drive an SUV that I pollute more than someone with a car. Maybe I don't drive as far or as often. Maybe I'm much better at combining trips. Maybe the car drivers that pass my house and throw their trash and beer bottles in my yard are "self-indulgent" polluting dicks too.

Comment Huh? (Score 2, Insightful) 148

Wholly smokes...

...and supposedly "tax and spend liberal" presidents actually shrinking debt.

I don't know what the savings are with these DC closures...the article doesn't say. But tell me where in these numbers you see a liberal shrinking the debt http://www.treasurydirect.gov/govt/reports/pd/histdebt/histdebt_histo5.htm - probably hosted on a server in one of the soon to be shuttered DCs...

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