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Comment Re:In other words... (Score 1) 122

That's not really a bad idea, given that the whole business of pawn brokering is based on a mix of brokering sales of stolen goods and feeding on the needs of the most vulerable members of society.

Personally, I think pawn brokers should be summarily shot.

Comment Re:Can someone explain (Score 1) 486

Care to comment on the fact that the only time that Muslims, Jews and Christians all managed to inhabit the same land was actually under a Muslim government? History seems to poke a hole in your "Muslims will wipe out Jews the first chance they get" claim. But I guess, being pro-Israeli, you'll hand wave that away somehow.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 486

The fiction that "the land has been disputed since ancient history" is just that, a fiction.
As part of the Ottoman Empire, the people living there operated their own local governemnt, which fell under the administrative purview of the Ottoman government. Saying that the land was disputed is like saying that Florida is currenty disputed, and ripe for the establishment of a homeland for displaced Russians.

Regarding your counter retort, all I can say is that it is totally morannic

Comment Re: No surprise there (Score 1) 263

With an OTP, there is no way to differentiate "Attack at dawn" from "Attack at dusk", both of which are contextually valid. Even if you were given the ciphertext AND the key for the first 11 characters of that message, finding the last 3 would be no less impossible than without them.

Properly used OTP is uncrackable. No ifs, buts, maybes or edge cases.

Comment Re:No surprise there (Score 1) 263

I understand why a piece of pad cannot be reused, but why not in part? If I have a page of, say 1000 chars of pad, and I send messages usually between 50 to 100 chars length, why can't I use the 1000 char page as just a sequence of 10 x 100 char pads? Or, assuming I don't consider length discovery to be an issue, why can't I just use as much of the pad as necessary for a given message? Ignoring the challenges of coordinating which part of the pad is used (which can be resolved with difficulty but is not insurmountable), why is this always recommended againts when implementing OTPs?

Comment Re:Too bad... (Score 1) 861

No, but justified self-defense is a whole different story. Unfortunately, the media is so pro-Israeli that it it is impossible to have the actions of the Palestinians seen in light of self-defense. Every military action by them is labelled as "terrorist aggression", every military action by Israel is labelled "justified pre-emptive strike".

Let's not forget that this current round of bombing was started when Ahmed al-Jabari was assassinated, despite the fact that he was about to sign (the very morning he was killed, in fact) a cease fire agreement he and his Israeli counterpart had been working on for some time. Being about the only man on the Palestinian side with the respect of the actual soldiers on the ground needed to actuall give effect to a cease fire, one can only wonder why Israel killed him, and at that precise moment in time.

On Wednesday morning, letting him get to work like any other morning would have resulted in a long-term ceasefire plan, designed and agreed to by both Hamas leaders as well as Israeli government officials. Instead, they blew up his car on the way to work, triggering the current round of fighting.

Comment Re:You disgust me. (Score 1) 861

Oh I dunno, just that the fact that no state named "Palestine" is often cited as justification for the creation of Israel on land that, according to the Israeli account of history, was uninhabited, unnamed and under the control of the British who had no interest in the land or what happened there. Pretty similar to the terra nullius doctrine that allowed Europeans to annihilate native Australians, Americans and Canadians without having to acknowledge them as real humans.

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