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Comment Re:For such a vital system. (Score 1) 402

First, Galileo was a Mathematician and a Physicist and not a satellite or meteor as the article falsely claims. His full name was Galileo Galilei. He had other minor interests in Music, Weaving, Religion and Philosophy too. He was prosecuted and persecuted, by some church people in Europe, until he died of it. He never returned back after that.

Coming to the topic of Europeans, ask me and I will tell you what I as a European feel. But please stop speculating about what Europeans think. It's the feelings that are more important than thinking and that's what's keeping the EU united. Of course, the Germans are an exception to this. And also the Italians and the Spaniards. The Catholic dominated countries are a weak link in the EU.

Comment Re:The 1% are insulated (Score 1) 1799

To stop buying everything is an extreme. You will have a hard time getting any supporters for it. Instead, ask people to stop buying useless trinkets. Like the iPhone's, the Android tablets, Coca-colas, Bonobos Khakis, Cadillac's, Nike's etc. My parents never had any of these things and even now they are not impressed one bit with all these trinkets. Yet, they lead a very happy and contended life. If you think about it, corporations lure you into buying supposedly "cool" stuff. They are in the business of creating the cool. Putting it out on the street and building a cult out of it. That's when you apply the brakes on your rationality and let the emotion take it on from there. And that's exactly what the B-school educated corporate managers love. Once you are in the emotion mode, they can take you on a roller-coaster drive to anywhere. That's where all the big margins and big money is. Don't succumb to emotion in materialistic matters. Hey! But that's the way wealth gets re-distributed in capitalism. Besides, if people stop buying stuff, many will become jobless. Materialism. That's the bedrock on which we have produced our sprawling populace. That is until the machines take over.

Banks: Seriously, I think all the banks should be nationalized. Bankers have no incentive to run the banks safely. They want to expand their books as fast as they can. They want to show they have a huge spread on their books. And then they want to turn the spread into profits NOW. What incentive do they have to ensure the quality of their assets? High quality assets are a low margin business. It's the low quality assets that are available in abundance and that's where all the big margins are. At least in the short term. Who cares for the long-term anyways? In the long-term we are all dead. The bankers then use jump-processes, diffusion equations, stochastic calculus, quantum mechanics, chaos theory, Alice in the wonderland, "what ever shows you are dumb and they are smart" to cover up the "quality" of their assets. Profits!

Comment Re:Moral of the story.... (Score 1) 264

Gerstner was a tough, no-nonsense guy. Just like Bartz. Both were good at streamlining operations, cutting jobs, cutting costs, improving the bottom-line etc. Had Gerstner been the CEO of Yahoo, I bet he would have screwed up too. The thing is, it's just not their forte.

Yahoo needed/needs a visionary, someone who can give it a direction, and a sense of purpose. Someone who can cull the wrong people, and put the right people in charge to realize the dream. Technology is no retail or brick and mortar business. It's no AutoCAD too.

Comment Re:the reason she failed is that . . (Score 1) 200

AutoCAD had no competitors who were the likes of Google and friends. AutoCAD had (and still has) management/operations thinking competitors. So common sense (which is not so common) worked for her there. Same goes with Carly Fiorina. She had put a halt to R&D at HP and went the operations way like Dell and friends (acquiring compaq). Now that the margins in the computer hardware business have dried up, HP is limping and vacillating with no direction in sight. Both of them, ... black swans.

Comment Re:7 Billion Zombies (Score 1) 522

India and China make up for 40% of that 7 billion population. Most of them are at the bottom of the pyramid/food-chain. There are fortunes to be made... at the bottom of the pyramid. Apple is doing it. Many Indians are starving to be able to afford an iPhone. It seems its a prestige issue in that country.

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