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Linux Business

Submission + - Windows Dual-boots its Way onto a Linux Stage (computerworld.com)

CWmike writes: "Windows may never boot Linux from its dominant role in high-performance computing, but Microsoft's dual-boot strategy is making some inroads. IBM said it has built what may be the largest Windows/Linux HPC dual-boot system yet for a university research group in Sweden. IBM will today detail a blade system running 5,376 Intel Xeon quad-core processors; each chip runs at 2.5 GHz and uses 50 watts. lthough most HPC applications run on Linux, some researchers do their work on Windows-based workstations, "and [this] makes it a really easy step to go from there to a server that has Windows," said Joseph. The dual-boot strategy opens the HPC for both kinds of operating system users. "It's really a home run fit for a lot of folks," he said."
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Submission + - iPhone's Ironic Bill

Dr. Eggman writes: Bills have begun rolling in from AT&T for those lucky iPhone users. Ars Technica reports on the ironically antithetic nature of these bills. For a device prized for its intuitive, elegant, and minimalist style, its bill leaves one with quite the opposite impression. The bills from AT&T, can reach around 52 pages long with both sides utilized, filled with every minutiae of vague details possible. "I had some data use that, under the To/From heading, AT&T has helpfully listed as "Data Transfer." The Type of file? "Data." My total charge? $0.00. " Imagining a minor phone book of logs like this certainly makes it hard to picture the pretty green apple it's coming from, maybe AT&T should take a page from Apple?

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