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Comment Re:Apple viral marketing campaign (Score 2, Funny) 501

Sorry to cloud the issue with pertinent facts though, carry on.

Talking about "facts" in the context of jewish zombies, born of virgin mothers, is a bit laughable.

Especially when all you have to back it up is a lamb that was slaughtered and had it's blood put on the doorposts of a house to save it's occupants from the angel of death in Egypt. Yeah, right.

And now excuse me while I go slaughter a lamb. These goddamn death angels are all over the place here on Saturdays, time to take action.

Comment Re:Nuke Free Only Until When (Score 1) 705

The main difference is, as you will probably point out, the number of people killed. Your solution kills many, many more people, and fails to help millions that really, really could use our help.

The other difference would be that his solution respects the sovereignty of a foreign country and yours doesn't.
Another facet might be that his solution leads to more isolation for the evil-doers (unless they change their minds) whereas yours would likely spawn sympathy for them.

Comment Re:contractor position? (Score 1) 675

Well, you made a dumb move and got lucky so far. Still nothing to recommend to anyone else.

Have you considered what happens when your current boss, by coincidence, meets someone from your old company and they get talking?
The world is small, the business world even smaller. Nobody likes liars, good luck trying to shake off that stigma.

Generally your whole story smells fishy, as if a 16yr old made it up on the spot. But I'll give you that for the sake of the argument.

Comment Re:contractor position? (Score 1) 675

I could chime in just about anywhere on this thread but I'll do it here:

Do not take job advice from slashdot. The amount of bullshit being posted here is just mindnumbing.
These poor man's terrorist tactics may sound totally cool while you're making them up in your basement or raving on about them with your buddies in school. They don't work in the real world. Lying is never a good idea and some of the proposed feetstomping can even get you in legal trouble. Worse yet, most former or future employers won't even bother to sue you. But they will tell others about your childishness. Good luck finding a job with *that* kind of reputation.

Comment Re:I'm guessing VMWare isn't that worried (Score 5, Interesting) 259

So, VMWare gives you free support for their paid product but citrix charges you for support on their free product? Boggles the mind.

We are currently doing a similar head-to-head and so far it seems that for the ESX license costs alone we can hire two full-time admins and buy plenty of support from citrix when needed. YMMV.

Comment Re:I GOT HIM! (Score 2, Insightful) 258

I don't think microsoft has an interest to deal with it in any way. This is a PR-effort to distract from where the blame should really go. Even if they "dealt" with this worm and its attack vectors in some way - the next worm is just around the corner. The security model in windows is just fundamentally broken, thus we'll continue to see worm attacks and pointless bounties.

Comment I GOT HIM! (Score 2, Funny) 258

Hey, I GOT HIM. Even made a photo for you.
Now sack him and send the bounty to my paypal please.

This is the guy who is currently officially responsible for windows being vulnerable to worm and malware attacks.
There have been others in the past but your bounty explicitly asks for the person responsible for this current "conficker" worm, so here you go.

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