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Comment Re:Python (Score 1) 799

When I was 12, all I wanted to do was cool 2D animated stuffs. I fear that Python as such may be a bit too dry for a kid (I'm far from being a python expert ;-)) Why not Lingo? (Macromedia Director) (I don't know this language, but it seems to me that the syntax is pretty straightforward)

Comment Re:The real reason (Score 1) 216

On the other hand how could you trust a company that will force you to sign digitally an EULA stipulating

  • you won't complain if they lose all your data
  • They will be able to change this contract in no time and you might end up paying to use your own property.

If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys

Submission + - The European GPS Galileo 'pathfinders' take shape (

oliderid writes: After all the wrangling, the delays and the furore over cost, Europe's version of GPS is finally starting to take shape. Due for launch in pairs in late 2010 and early-2011, the "pathfinders" will form a mini-constellation in the sky. They will transmit the navigation signals that demonstrate the European system can become a reality. Discover an interesting video clip introducing the main feature of a Galileo's satellite.

Comment Re:But... (Score 1) 207

Same for me on Compaq laptop almost a year ago. I had to find non-official packages to make it run with my SuSE. It took me hours. Those packages have finally been added to the repos few months after. I don't critize nobody, I'm mean they do a great job and this is free, so what could you say? Anyway the fact is WI-FI is often difficult to install on Linux and you have to know it. Ideally you would have to document yourself on the wifi used by the laptop you plan to purchase first (a thing I never do :-)). Just like printers support few years ago. Claiming that there is no problem won't help anybody IMHO.

Submission + - How to monitor a MySQL server in real time?

oliderid writes: I have almost finished a web application that should support more than 100 queries per second some tables having more than 500.000 rows. Well I'm not used to this kind of load. I did my best to apply the best practices I could find over the web, reduce the queries to the database to the minimum, indexing, etc. but I'd like to have a GPL tool to monitor this database in real-time and see clearly how often a query is done, redundant ones, be sure that my mental is respected "One query per "page", processing time, etc. See when the server is about to be overloaded. The server is remote, Linux (redhat or ubuntu). There is no Xwindow, so I can monitor it through SSH/shell or through a web application. Any idea? Thx!

Comment Re:Let me be the first... (Score 1) 190

Being Belgian and their neighbors...Dutch people tend to speak English rather well. But their knowledge of other languages (except German maybe) is rather a myth. If you are looking for real polyglot, I suggest you to choose Flemish. They usually know French and English quite well and Dutch which is their native tongue....Learning German is easier for them (a lot of common roots) Just like for Dutchmen, . Franck De Winne is a perfect example of that fact (he knows, Dutch, English, Russian and probably other languages as well).

I'm a French speaking Belgian, so well let's say that I can't be considered as biased on the topic ;). The fact that I know English, Dutch and French would not impressed anybody in Flanders...Actually it will be considered as "normal". A good Belgian and nothing else (except maybe that I should learn German too, which is the third national language)

Comment Re:Capitalization (Score 3, Informative) 190

Yes, when you see a little "d" it is usually used for noble title. It has been influenced by the French "etiquette".

For the non-beneluxians. :-)

"De" in Dutch means literally "the". for example: Jan De Boer (John the Farmer), Jacques De Ridder (Jacques the rider/the knight), etc. When you see names like Van Den Berg (it means from the hills), Jean-Claude Van Damme (Jean-Claude from Damme -> a Belgian town).

There is no form of nobility in those names so you use capital letters.

On the other hand: The King is in French "Albert de Belgique" or in Dutch "Albert van België").

Comment Re:Flaming Troll From "Sweden" (Score 1) 190

First: The European culture is not "just" the Western European culture.

Second see where most of Russians live. How they look like, What kind of language they speak (slavic language), their culture (their gifts to the European culture, classical music, literature), their religion (orthodox), their classical architecture, etc. The conclusion is so obvious (?).

I'm Belgian and frankly it is the first time I see people claiming that Russia is not an European nation. The need of a western civilization in front of the current world affairs may explain this "new" definition.

Comment Re:damage (Score 5, Insightful) 256

From a simple customer fairness perspective, Amazon's customers purchased the book in good faith.

And for potential buyers like me, the perspective is even simpler.

  • They can enter into my "computer" (kindle) anytime they wish.
  • They can delete any material they find offensive/inappropriate (for legal reasons or not) without asking me anything
  • And leave.

Even my government hasn't such a power.

Comment Re:Well, we all know what to do... (Score 1) 359

I did their test and I score 80%. I failed on their racist/extremist stuff, coming from a country crippled by those fascists/extremists, I still have difficulties to accept Hitler's fans promoting their agenda on my doorstep after the ravage they have done to the whole Europe.

Well Currently I pay let's say 50% of my turnover to the state (VAT, taxes, etc.). I work 10 hours per day, except Sunday. I'm not workaholic, but I have no choice. There are certainly enough work for a new employee. I can't. It would be too expensive (his salary + taxes). So basically those 50% of the my turnover are used mainly to pay the unemployment benefit of someone I could hire.

Of course they are a bit extreme. I won't certainly vote for such a party. But basically I agree with the idea basic: a small/efficient state is way better.

There is a natural human tendency to grasp as much as power as you can. It is a human instinct. A state is a human organization so it has this instinct deep in its core. If you don't fight back, you will end up working half of your time for it, like I do right now.

Comment Re:dog lover science. (Score 1) 472

Well I' ve got a 10 years old Golden retriever and I'm the uncle of 2 years old boy. I love my dog, he seems to be reasonably smart for a dog but ....

For example: my 2 year old nephew is "playing game" involving already quite elaborate abstract thoughts. For example he plays "battle" with soldiers...Well not a "big" battle with strategies and all, just two soldiers fighting each other. He is a fan of Tintin and he imagines himself as captain haddock and countless of abstracts thoughts and related activities such as those ones.

On the other hand...My dog is a dog! (great news :-)) Most of his games are rather straight forward (I grab this toy, you too, funny!).

Irony, humor, the 2 years old boy already understand those things. He also tries to make "joke". Their capacity to stay focus....The 2 years old is light years ahead already.

Frankly I don't see the point to compare. They are just so "different", their intelligences are already so "different". I really wonder how you could compare them and how could you find anything meaningful out of this comparison.

A 2 years old boy is still in its infancy, a 2 years old dog is almost mature. On one hand you compare a being "under construction" with a fully grow up (functional/almost independent) being. What's the point?

Comment Re:Interesting Difference in Genetics (Score 3, Informative) 232

the "Moors" (derived meaning "Black")

In Latin, the word maurus (plural mauri) means coming from Mauretania...a Roman province on the north western fringe of Africa (-> Morocco) (see wikipedia) So basically Moors means those from North Africa. They aren't sub-Saharan. The core people of the Moors were "berbers"...Not arabs but not black either.

If you need a real successful "black" civilization. I suggest you to take a closer look at the Nubian civilization. They fought for centuries against the Egyptians, the Greek dynasty and they finally crushed a Roman invasion. The defeat was so devastating, that the Romans signed a peace treaty and they never came back. The Nubian queen are famous (Amanishaketo, etc) nowadays due to recent discoveries.

Or the Ethiopian one, they succeeded to stop the early Muslim invasion (this where the legendary King John was supposed to live, European crusaders tried for years to get in touch with him to fight together the Muslims). They fought for decades against the Italians and they were the first to gain their independence. The famous city of Timbuktu having healthy intellectual/philosophical debates while Europe was experiencing inquisition, etc.

Comment Re:Eh? Yeah it is rings a bell. A red one (Score 1) 1376

No, it is a marxist stance. And I'm Belgian not American.

The differences between a communist and a socialist is the path to their collectivist society.

Communist will do it by revolution while socialists will do it by reforms.

This is why they left the last "international" end of the XIXth (along with anarchists).

See the funding documents of Socialist parties around Europe (Charte de Quaregnon in Belgium for example).

But yes I agree they have changed and now they promote social-democracy as they call it. Anyway it wasn't the point, the real point was the battle between socialist and catholics in the XIXth...And there are even traces of these epic battles in today politic.

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