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Comment who cares about the efficiency? (Score 1) 144

At this stage in development, efficiency isn't a big deal , unless it can be proven early on that it will always be too horrible compared to alternatives...and that only counts if there are alternatives.
What is interesting/important is it's potential as (pointed out lots of times in the comments) a steam engine that avoids big boilers and has the same kick as an ICE since it uses the same mechanical layout. Any other heat-driven engines that can do the same? same kick, same overhead?
reading comments seems to say no so far: Stirling engines don't have the variable torque output for use in cars. Steam boilers are too heavy and involve piping steam around the system (dangerous and complex). Even converting the sunlight directly to electricity runs into storage problems (batteries aren't big enough yet) . I've seen come comments that heated oil may actually be a good way to store solar energy...not sure if it beats batteries, but worth a look.
This is another tool in the toolbox if it works. Is there anything that says this won't?

Comment Re:Congrats (Score 1) 455

So, Wayland will allow running Wayland apps on a machine with no display and sending the output to a machine with a display? If it does, then I'm more interested. Everything I read so far says it will not be able to do that, or will require some kind of dummy Wayland desktop to be running on the same machine with the app...

Comment Re:Application and Screen on Different Machines (Score 1) 455

Ah yes, yesterday was CAPS-LOCK DAY.

using caps since no one seems to get it no matter how it's worded...sign of frustration at the reading incomprehension of lots of posters

X11 will still be around for those who need it.

Not if Wayland replaces Xorg, which seems to be the goal of the project. IF someone, anyone, can tell me I will be able to run a "Wayland app" from one machine to another screen, then fine. Haven't heard that yet. I've been told that you can do this, but the answer always involves thigns that trick the app in displaying to something that can be copied over the network like I deal with in Windows. This is not the funtionality I have now and which I don't want to give up.

X11's networking relies on bandwidth being relatively low compared to latency (lots of connections with small amounts of data) whereas stuff like VNC/RDP relies on the fact that modern internet connections have relatively high latency compared to bandwidth (one connection per refresh with large amounts of data). If Wayland integrates the kind of precise screen update notifications required by VNC/RDP-like mechanisms, they just may be able to outperform both X11 and current VNC/RDP. In fact they should be able to do so while remaining compatible with VNC/RDP.

If VNC/RDP is you answer to what X11 does, you don't know what X11 does. X11 network function is much better and more useful than those kinds of remote access. I use both everyday and I can tell you X11 remote display is easier, better designed and will only be more useful (given proliferation of screens to display on like phones, tablets, TV's) as time goes on. Do I wish X11 was more effieicient? yes. Does Wayland offer the function I need? No. So, I'll stick to X11 as long as Wayland doesn't cause X11 to go away, and I hope Wayland goes away just because of the threat it poses in making X11 go away.

Comment Re:Application and Screen on Different Machines (Score 1) 455

few != not important
a small percentage of people in the US ever use 911...so get rid of it?
and for all those who say X11 is crufty and has lots of bad code in it: YES! but, don't mix/confuse the implementation with the feature. It's the feature that is important, the X11 implementation needs some work, but it functions fine now AND NO OTHER REPLACEMENT WINDOW SYSTEM IS OFFERING IT!

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