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Submission + - The Smart and Social rifle has arrived

fikx writes: It seems like something from a scifi movie, but it's a real device: a rifle with enough electronics in it make even a novice shoot well. Heard on NPR and ArsTechnica. It even has WiFi to broadcast the shot for social networking. Doesn't this take the fun out of shooting? don't rush out to buy just yet....at $22,000 it may be a bit much for the next hunting trip, but maybe one day it will be affordable enough to risk take out of the safe. Scary or cool? hard to say...

Submission + - Best geek use for those fake quard shacks in neighborhoods?

fikx writes: Question for the Slashdot community: drive around any city and there are development after development with those small entry guard houses at the entrance to each. Some are actually big enough for a person to go in, others are just ornamental. All I have seen have at a minimum a light in it (so it's got power). Since it's a guard house, obvious use would be put cameras or other electronic monitoring in 'em. What else can be done with these otherwise useless little buildings?

Submission + - Disk library solutions? 1

fikx writes: How do slashdotters manage large collections of disks? I'm hoping for a way to manage a large collection of movies that would give me menu type access to the content and the only consumer device left seems to be the Sony disk changer that is discontinued. I would have thought that handling disks would have been a solved problem and on sale in many forms, but I guess not....have slashdotters found or built solutions? or has this problem gone the way of the typewriter?

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